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Ender's Game Book Report

1078 words - 5 pages

Book Title: Ender’s Game

Author: Orson Scott Card


The setting of this story is many years in the future during a time of intergalactic war. An alien race called the Formics attacked the humans 50 years before the beginning of the story. The humans won that war but the Formics have regrouped and have been preparing to strike again. The humans have been preparing for the second attack by taking the brightest children of Earth into a special school, called Battle School, in outer space to train them in battle and command tactics. Their plan is for the children to lead the human army to victory against the Formics.

In the beginning of the story, the ...view middle of the document...

Usually recruits don’t join a team until they are a little older or have been in the preliminary class for a few weeks. Ender, however, was almost immediately placed in a team where everyone was older and bigger than him. Now a complete pariah Ender had to quickly learn how to fight in the competitions held between the teams lest he be hated by his teammates any more.

After a couple of years, Ender got a team of his own. His team won every competition they played and because the Formics were fast approaching the human fleet Ender was moved up to Command School, the level after Battle School. He was taught by the champion who defeated the Formics the first time, Mazer Rackham. After around some weeks of training Ender was presented with a game simulation of the war. He controlled the human fleet alongside the few friends he made from his team in Battle School. Only after weeks of strenuous commanding did Ender and crew reach what they were told was the last day of the simulation before the real thing. At the end, Ender’s team was victorious and they were told that the “simulation” was in fact the real thing and they had just won the war.


Card used limited omniscient narration throughout the story and limited it to Ender and some of his friends and allies. He never went inside the head of any of Ender’s enemies. I think he did this because he wanted to make sure that we, the readers, did not sympathize with the wrong people. If we start understanding and feeling sympathy for the cruel things Ender’s enemies did to him, we may not feel the anger and pain that Ender does when they bully him.

Also in this story, the adults rule everything like they do in real life but the kids hate the adults for the kind rules that they enforce. At the beginning of each chapter, we get to hear a conversation between two adults who are talking about the Battle School, how the kids are doing, and who quick they need to get...

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