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Ender's Game Essay

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3303 words - 14 pages was given too much so he trough most of it away. He was finished eating before most people were half done. Dimak explained how they could palm the wall and lights on the wall would show them back to there barracks. Bean had and instinct that told him to explore. He wandered around until he found himself in front of a game room. He noticed the air duct system and he followed it into the intake vent in the wall. He pulled off the cover and

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1078 words - 5 pages Book Title: Ender’s Game Author: Orson Scott Card Summary: The setting of this story is many years in the future during a time of intergalactic war. An alien race called the Formics attacked the humans 50 years before the beginning of the story. The humans won that war but the Formics have regrouped and have been preparing to strike again. The humans have been preparing for the second attack by taking the brightest

Truths About Human Condition In "Ender’s Game"

548 words - 3 pages Although "Ender's Game" is a fictional book, it still tells many truths about life and the human condition. The book addresses many issues that occur in everyday life on earth. Throughout the book Ender, the main character who is a young child, is faced with many real problems such as isolation, and corruption of power.Ender's isolation was a result of his teachers' eagerness for him to rapidly improve. By being isolated Ender was not in contact

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611 words - 3 pages civilized and cooperative it may feel it is. SAGE Publications. "Scope-severity paradox: Inflicting greater harm judged to be less harmful, study finds." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 9 September 2010. . Quote Investigator. “A Single Death is a Tragedy, a Million Deaths is a Statistic.” Quote Investigator, May 21, 2010. Card, Orson Scott. Ender's Game. New York: Tor, 1991. Print.

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857 words - 4 pages send the message, "Cover your butt. Bernard is watching. - God" He sends the message "Bernard is living proof that they still send chimps into space." Bernard is friends with Bonzo and is with him when Ender kills him in the shower. He is not seen after that. Bernard bullies Ender, but eventually he joins Ender's jeesh. Ender breaks Bernard's arm when they are on the shuttle to battle school which leads Bernard to bully him. This

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1196 words - 5 pages Ender's Game In our everyday life, we make decisions, decisions that may change the world we live in, if only slightly. However, each decision we make has an impact on our life and is therefore important. Each time we choose one thing over another, we draw from our previous knowledge to make the best choice we can. However, the ideas and thoughts that actually dictate how we make our choices are the morals that we base our life on. For

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2141 words - 9 pages Built within the Constitution of the United States are specifically defined freedoms that are guaranteed to all citizens. Conversely, with every constitutional freedom there comes a corresponding responsibility. On September 25, 1789, the state legislature’s twelve proposed amendments were transmitted by congress, the first two dealing with congressional representation and congressional pay. The following numbers three through twelve were

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2348 words - 10 pages On June 7, 1998, 49-year-old James Byrd Jr. of Texas accepted a ride from three white men, who then beat him severely, urinated on him, chained him by his ankles to the back of their pick-up truck, dragged him for three miles into the countryside, and dumped his corpse in front of an African-American cemetery (Graczyk). A little over a year later, a jury sentenced ring leader John King to death by lethal injection (“Man Executed for Dragging

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2140 words - 9 pages Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy Case Study of Sarah: A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan Rational emotive behavior therapy, REBT, was developed by Albert Ellis and holds the central belief that the events in our lives do not cause our disturbances but that they are instead caused by our view of the events (Murdock, 2009). Murdock (2009) states that “people are seen as responsible for their behavior” (p. 279) but, because they are

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1636 words - 7 pages Have you ever thought about having exciting and incredibly cheap vacations? Albania might be the right choice. According to My Travel Guide, Albania is ranked the fourth among ten places worth visiting in Eastern Europe (“Top 10 Eastern European Destinations”). One can encounter three kinds of vacations in this Mediterranean country: winter, summer, and cultural. The ideal places to spend your winter vacations are the Albanian Alps. They are

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3221 words - 13 pages Ender's Shadow or Ender's Game Journal - Enders Shadow Entry 1 In this story there is an alien race called the buggers, they have attacked earth before and now the I.F. (International Fleet) is training the younger generation to be commanders of the next fleet. The main character in Enders Shadow is Bean. He lives on the streets of Rotterdam, in the allies and under steps. Like many other children living on the streets, it is very

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1016 words - 5 pages clean your room it is not nearly as bad as being forced to participating in the military and killing an entire species. The next time I’m required to do my homework and eat my veggies, I think I will just do it. Works Cited Page Card, Orson S. Ender's Game. New York: Tor, 1991. Print. O'Neill, Ann. "Stolen Kids Turned into Terrifying Killers." CNN. Cable News Network, 12 Feb. 2007. Web. 04 Dec. 2014. <>. "The Holocaust." A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 26 Nov. 2014. <>.

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1145 words - 5 pages Ender’s Game Ender Wiggin is a special six year old boy sent to a special military school simply for the honor of the way he handles himself. The Government sees the great potential in Ender and sees the possibility of him being the one to save the world from the buggers (huge alien insects who almost wiped out all of humankind once upon a time). Everyone selected to go to this military school is to never contact their family ever again

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1224 words - 5 pages boy. Works Cited Blackmore, T. Ender's Beginning: Battling The Military In Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game. Extrapolation (Kent State University Press) 32.2 (1991): 124-142. Humanities International Complete. Web. 12 Feb. 2014. Card, Orson Scott. Ender's Game. New York: Tor, 1991. Print Gross, Melissa. Prisoners Of Childhood? Child Abuse And The Development Of Heroes And Monsters In Ender’S Game. Children's Literature In Education 38.2 (2007): 115-126. Academic Search Elite. Web. 19 Feb. 2014.