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End Of Theme Essay

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Intermediate Level Education (ILE) Common Core
C100: Foundations

Lesson C171: Writing to Persuade

C100 End of Theme Essay Requirement


The purpose of the essay is to assess your written communication skills. Your challenge is to persuade others of the validity of the thesis you present in your paper. This essay counts as 30 percent of your overall C100 Theme grade.

Do not share your work with other students. This is an individual assignment. If you have questions about this requirement, you may contact the DDE support team at . ...view middle of the document...

For decades, the expression “Shoot, Move and Communicate” has been the refrain of tactical commanders in the Army. The fact that Communication is on the same plane as its kinetic extensions underscores the value that military leaders place on effective communications. Of all the modules in C100, Effective Communications is the block of instruction that will serve me best during the next 10 years of my career. As a field grade officer, the ability to convey one’s conclusions, requirements and concerns to superiors, subordinates, partner organizations and to the public is the skill that makes an effective leader. Without the ability to communicate effectively, our efforts at Civil-Military Relations, managing the media and developing future leaders will be severely hampered.
One of the most glaring failures of effective communications that was illustrated in C100 is the segment entitled The Runaway General (The title of the segment is from the July 2010 Rolling Stone Magazine article by Michael Hastings). As an officer that was touched by the leadership of General Stanley McChrystal, I cannot help but think that the Army in Particular, and the Joint-Combined force as a whole lost an incredible talent due to ineffective communications. Gen. McChrystal was a strategic visionary and a tactical genius. However, the lack of preparedness in his organization with regard to managing communications with the media led to his unfortunate, but unavoidable resignation. Leaders at all levels are taught the importance of Unity of Command and the damage that dissention in the ranks can cause with regard to the fighting effectiveness of the unit. General McChrystal failed to think about the messages he was sending to his subordinate leaders. Had he communicated to his command (via policy letters, staff meetings, initial counseling sessions with subordinates, etc.) his authorized, external communications, he would have completed his command and USFOR-A, ISAF, the DoD and the White House would have avoided a major scandal and disruption in the war in Afghanistan.
As the war in Afghanistan winds down and the Pentagon looks to reduce its geographic and budgetary footprints, leveraging the common interests the U.S. has with our partner nations and using soft-power to persuade/cajole some of the Seam States (as Thomas Barnett would refer to them), to come along with us, will require effective communications. In my current career field (FAO, 48G), my primary purpose is to work with our partners in an attempt to shape their objectives, requirements and operations to be more compatible with ours. Cooperation is the goal and interoperability is one of the most effective stratagems. Communicating effectively is essential and multi-layered. The first step is understanding the strategic plans for that country as determined by the Department of State (DoS) and the DoD (from the Office of the Secretary of Defense [OSD] to the...

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