End Of Cold War And Its Effects On Africa

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The collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent end of the Cold War resulted in varying consequences for Africa. Some could be viewed as success, while others where viewed as disasters. Within South Africa, the end of the vicious rivalry between the two superpowers resulted in a change for a better future and the end of a long racial supremacy, whilst within the Democratic Republic of Congo, tensions increased, causing a disastrous future to a prosperous nation, of which the effects can still be seen today without prevail. The collapse of the Soviet Union triggered a chain of events within these two countries as well as their neighbours, leading to complete change as well as sparking the ...view middle of the document...

The collapse of the USSR and the end to the ideological conflict between the two superpowers lead to the ultimate collapse of the Apartheid regime in South Africa and the emergence of a liberated and unified democracy. Both the ANC and the National Party realized that the Soviet Union was disintegrating when Gorbachev introduced his new reform process, leading to the realization that communism was no longer a threat to the NP and a reliable ally to the ANC. The NP’s last leader, FW de Klerk, who had replaced PW Botha and represented the party’s conservative views, had travelled widely across the world and was more alert to the implications of these threatening international developments, which would have an effect on the Apartheid regime within the country. These changes meant that the party could no longer use the Cold War to gain support for the struggle against communism and that this would ultimately lead to a negotiation process between the party and its previously exiled opposition, the ANC. Neighbouring countries such as Angola, who supported the ANC’s liberation struggle saw an increasing necessity for the party to proceed with these negotiations in order to rid their own country of problems linked to the struggle, such as the cross border raids from Namibia. As foreign investment capital was seen by many economists as a vital factor in economic growth, South Africa had to start this negotiation phase as soon as possible in order to gain international acceptance in order to improve its problematic sanction-based economy. Due to the Soviet Unions collapse, the ANC now had to present a mixed economic policy called the Reconstruction and Development Programme, which included capitalistic practices, rather than its intended socialist ideals, making it unattractive to foreign investors. Therefore the ANC planned to follow a multi-lateral foreign policy in order to appease the dominant US superpower, for the benefit of the economy. Thus it can be said that the end of the clashes between the two superpowers brought upon significant change within South Africa, as it ended the Apartheid regime and introduced a successful future for its people under an equal democracy.

The collapse of the Soviet Union ended Africa’s significance in...

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