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Encryption A Means Of Security Essay

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Seminar Presentation


Application of encrypting techniques


Database Security


Uweh SKelvin


Security in today’s world is one of the important challenges that people are facing all over the world in every aspect of their lives. Similarly security in electronic world has a great significance. In this seminar work, we discuss the applications of encryption techniques in database security. This is an area of substantial interest in database because we know that, the use of database is becoming very important in today’s enterprise and databases contains information that is major enterprise asset. This research work discuses the application of various ...view middle of the document...

As discussed previously confidentiality imposes limits while retrieving the secure data and therefore averting the illegal access to the data. Integrity means that the data will not be tainted in any way. Availability of data on time is the property of secure databases. Ahmad (1996). There are four types of controls mentioned by Denning to obtain the database protection, those includes: access control, information flow control, cryptographic flow control and inference control.
Access controls ensures that all direct accesses to the system are authorized. The access controls governs that that can access the system’s objects. Often it happens that important information or data is leaked out or misused not because of defective access control but because of improper information flow. When policies for information flow are not properly defined than the system data is less protected. The cryptographic control, controls (secures) the data by encrypting it.
Another approach has been adopted for securing the databases. It has been discussed that to make the databases secure different policies at organization level can be implemented. Data/information is always a most important asset for any organization whose security cannot be compromised. With the advances in technology, the risk to these valuable assets increases. So their security is a big
challenge Khaleel etal (2011) .In different database security layers are defined shown in figure (2) below. These layers are: database administrator, system administrator, security officer, developers and employee. For each layer some well-defined security policies have been anticipated. These policies ensure the security features, privacy, confidentiality and integrity.
This study mainly focuses on issues of encryption techniques in databases security and measures taken to solve those issues. Securing sensitive data from illegal access, theft and forging becomes a big challenge for different organizations, like government, no-government and privates sectors. Encryption of data in client or server side where data is shared between different parties is not sufficient. Basically the problem is to ensure that semi trusted database is secure or not.
A new hypothesis for database encryption is proposed in which database encryption can be provided as a service to applications with unified access to encrypted database. Using such an encrypted data management model, applications can concentrate on their core businesses and protect data privacy against both malicious outsiders and the untrusted database service users without need to know encryption details.
Further we shall discuss what actually has been implemented to reduce/eliminate the security threats and how the database security was enhanced in the past. And we shall see what needs to be done for securing a valuable asset, the databases, of organizations.


Excessive Privilege Abuse
When users are specified with the...

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