Emt Job Description Essay

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JOB TITLE: Ambulance Technician


HOURS: 37.5

DIRECTORATE: A & E Operations

DEPARTMENT: Field Operations and Scheduling

REPORTING TO: Clinical Team Leader

BASE: Various


Responsible for the assessment, care, treatment, referral and transport of patients and their carers/relatives in emergency and non-emergency situations. The postholder will routinely be expected to work without the presence ...view middle of the document...

5. Mobilise according to Trust procedures and locate/record call destinations quickly and effectively using satellite navigation systems, data terminals and maps, as appropriate.

6. Risk assess the incident scene for safety and any additional resource requirements, identifying the critically ill patient and develop a management plan to meet the presenting needs.

7. Conduct a systematic examination of the patient using assessment skills and a knowledge of the effects of acute/chronic illness and trauma to develop a working diagnosis.

8. Implement appropriate clinical care and treatment in accordance with the patient’s needs, the JRCALC framework for clinical practice, the Trust’s Clinical Guidelines/procedures and your own level of training and competence.

9. Adopt Infection Control procedures and Universal Precautions.

10. Select and apply clinical interventions in accordance with IHCD Ambulance Aid competencies plus other locally agreed diagnostic and treatment procedures to include (but not exhaustively) the use of:

10.1 3 and 12 lead ECG for recognition of cardiac arrest dysrhythmias and preparation for thrombolysis therapy in Acute Coronary Syndromes.
10.2 Manual and/or Automated Defibrillation.
10.3 Drug therapies according to the Trust’s Clinical Guidelines and procedures including administration via oral inhaled/SC/IM and sub lingual routes.
10.4 Airway adjuncts such as nasopharyngeal airways and the Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA).
10.5 Electronic Blood Glucose measurement/monitoring.
10.6 Procedures for the Recognition of Death.

11. To assist another Healthcare professional to deliver clinical care beyond your scope of practice.
12. Identify and implement the most appropriate care pathway based on the patient’s condition, their wishes and those of relatives/carers and the facilities/resources available.

13. Communicate with and manage patients, relatives and the public in a calm, sensitive and professional manner ensuring patient dignity and informed consent for all patient assessment and treatment.

14. Communicate effectively with a wide range of professionals and other agencies to support joint working to meet patient needs, which may, at times, be complex and sensitive.

15. To transfer the patient to and from the ambulance, undertaking a full and dynamic risk assessment, using the most appropriate equipment and moving/handling techniques for the patient’s needs, condition and the circumstances.

16. As appropriate, transport patient(s) and others to and from hospitals and other treatment centres in a safe and comfortable manner, reassessing the patient’s condition and responding appropriately to their needs en route.

17. To accurately complete the Patient Clinical Record (electronic paper) and other operational administration, as required.

18. Maintain confidentiality of patient information and restrict access by third parties to a strictly...

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