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Empowerment is a patient-centred approach tailored to counterpart the fundamental realities of diabetes care (Royal College of Nursing (RCN) 2006).Empowerment promotes autonomy and increases an individuals’ power to enable them to make informed decisions, encouraging their choice and promoting their independence (DOH 2001). Patient empowerment is a central function of nursing care. It requires a collaborative approach between the patient and the multidisciplinary team in order to address a person’s needs (Lloyd 2010). If empowered James will gain a better understanding about diabetes, the long term effects and effective prevention strategies, therefore improving his quality of life (Hillson ...view middle of the document...

In order for effective diabetes management to take place, James needs to accept change and work in partnership with the multi disciplinary team to manage his diabetes without further complications (Kennedy and Rogers 2001). The psychological impact of diabetes must also be addressed as James is blaming himself for his deteriorating condition and fears he might of “infected his children”. Emotional distress has been shown common among people with diabetes and that depression is twice as prevalent then in the general population, affecting about 15-20% of people with this condition (Bilous 2009).Diabetes has been associated with poor self care in areas that are difficult to maintain, such as diet, exercise and medication management. Depression has been shown to lead to poor adherence to medication, lack of glycaemia monitoring and lack of physical activity (Whiting et al,2006). Often family members also need substantial support to be effective and supportive themselves. Their emotional support is regarded as paramount by people with diabetes in enabling them to manage their own condition (Snoek, 2002).The Government has recognised that many people living with a chronic disease such as diabetes have great expertise but need further skills and confidence to self-care, to be empowered and in control of their lives (DOH 2001). This involves the need for education and supportive strategies to increase James understanding and confidence in managing his condition. Skills-based approaches to education can improve James’s knowledge of blood glucose control, dietary management, physical activity and psychological well-being (National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) 2008). A programme such as DAFNE (NICE 2011) which is an educational course for managing type 1 diabetes would be an effective initiative to empower James in self -management by addressing issues of the initiation and sustaining motivation. It will teach James the importance of a healthy diet in order for him to manage his diabetes confidently and effectively (DAFNE study group 2002). The Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) programme suggests an approach in which insulin management is used to increase dietary choice, which is likely to improve quality of life (Mcveigh 2010). It is a five-day course in which small groups of type 1 diabetic patients are enrolled. This enables them to learn how to manage diabetes and achieve greater freedom of choice in their diet. This programme also allows family members to attend to provide support and gain education in diabetes. The sessions focus on a variety of social situations that may require estimating the amount of carbohydrates there may be in a meal. This will then teach James to choose an appropriate insulin dose. Diabetic control is then achieved by adjusting insulin doses in accordance to what is eaten, rather than adjusting diet against a set insulin regimen (Mcveigh 2010). This initiative uses a patient-centred approach to encourage...

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