Empowering Woman Essay

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Empowering Women
Deanna Lindsey
Sociology of Developing Countries
28 May 2012

Why is it important that we empowering women in developing society? Why is it important that women are empowering in any society? How has empowering women change societies and the economic landscape of these countries? Why some countries have been slow to empower women in their countries? This paper will address these questions and other areas as it relates to the empowerment of women.

Empowering means “To invest with power, especially legal power or official authority”. So when you hear the phrase “empowering women” what comes to mind? Initially I had no clue, it was until I read ...view middle of the document...

Empowering woman would allow them the ability to choose their own career paths, and this empowerment has far reaching effects on the economic. Some regions of the world often reinforce the traditional roles for woman and deny woman equal participant in society. The Fourth World Committee believes empowering women’s participation in decision making improves family’s welfare. Empowered educated women tend to have healthier families; so granting women their empowerment goes beyond the reproductive roles that some countries slant for women.
Despite success in empowering women, issues still exist in all areas of life; they range from cultural bias, political discrimination and fear of lost economics. Women in developing countries work more hours than men and are paid far less. Women in Muslim countries deal with cultural religion that takes precedence as law. Women in this region don’t make decision on size of family, when the family should be started or the ability to fulfill their aspirations outside the house without the approval of their husbands or father. If you’re a suppose of equality like I am think about this – women in Muslim region need permission to travel and requesting loans. Fear not the situation in the region is slowly changing. Educated women activists are challenging the status quo; demanding equality for women. I believe a key driving force behind some of the change, the cost of living is rising so families need additional income that women can provide to the household.
Governments can start monitoring countries educational policies toward women; they could ensure that education is accessible to low-income families and families in rural populations. What you find in these situations is that young girls suffer at the expensive of the son being educated. I believe that empowering women is one of the smartest investments a country can make; if women are educated they can help alleviate some of the countries poverty. I think time has shown the empowerment of women is vital to the development and welfare of a society. Still in 2012 there are parts of the world where women’s empowerment is undermined by historical or religious imbalances; that eliminate women from decision-making power or any entitlements as women. Women empowerment is about the choice of financial independence, employment opportunities, health and the betterment of a country. The empowerment of women improves their political, social and economically status, which is huge for social change (www.prb.org/Publications).

As you stated early in the writing process, my second article was a lot of graphs and charts that correlated how the lack of empowerment affected women in various regions; so I’m going to use the text-book help me translated it to words.
The first chart shows the illiteracy numbers between women and men from various countries. I have to say I was shocked that it’s nearly double across the board with women to men. Education...

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