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Empowering The Ata Community Essay

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Empowering the Kanawan Ayta Community
To commemorate the Father of Modern Public Health in the Philippines the UP Manila College of Public Health held its annual Dr. Hilario G. Lara Memorial Lecture on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at Room 407, College of Public Health, Lara Hall.
This year’s lecture, “A Framework for the Development of the Ayta Community in Morong, Bataan”, was presented by Dr. Lourdes J. Cruz, a national scientist and former Professor of the UP Diliman Marine Science Institute and a recipient of the 2010 L’Oriel-UNESCO Award for Women in Science.
Dr. Cruz is also president of the Bataan Center for Innovative Science and Technology, Inc. (BCISTI) since 1999. Through the years, ...view middle of the document...

Dr. Cruz says that addressing the issues on education, culture, health, and livelihood is a holistic approach to empowerment and sustainable development.
The project has been yielding good results. Recent statistics showed that the number of college graduates in the community have increased to 8 as compared to 1 in 2004; similarly the number of high school graduates have increased to 16 in 2010 as compared to 4 in 2004.
Rural Linc also worked with Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (PTFCF) in helping the Aytas engage in eco-tourism as a means of livelihood and also as an ecological conservation effort of the land that remains to be the Aytas’ ancestral domain. They have also established nursery sites that provide trees for reforestation of denuded areas. Moreover, some members of the Ayta community have been trained in parataxonomy and serve as field biologist to scientists who want to explore the biodiversity of Bataan.
Another livelihood program has also...

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