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Employment Laws Essay

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University of Phoenix Material

Employment Laws Chart

Complete the chart below using information from the weekly readings and additional research if necessary.

| | |Court Case Influential to | | |
| |Description and Requirement of Law |Establishment of Law |Importance of Law |Workplace Application |
|Employment Law | | | ...view middle of the document...

Established 1972 as an | |race, religion, color, sex, or |follow to actively recruit and give |
| |amendment to the Civil Rights Act of | |national origin. |preference to minority groups or |
| |1964. | | |members in employment decisions. |
| |Banned wage and job discrimination |Shultz vs. Wheaton Glass Co. |The Act was designed to promote |If similar jobs are being performed by|
|Equal Pay Act |based on sex, race, and other | |fairness amongst employees than do |both a man and a woman, then pay |
| |employment discrimination facets. | |similar jobs; to ensure employees are |should be equal based on equal skill, |
| | | |paid equally for the same type of work|effort, and responsibility. |
| | | |regardless of sex. | |
| |Protects employees from the age range |Franks vs. Bowman Transportation Co |Designed to avoid the still |Employees are not required or forced |
|Age Discrimination in Employment Act |of 40-65 years of age against | |able-bodied and capable mature |to follow the practice of retiring |
|of 1967 |discrimination. Has been amended | |workforce to stay employed without |simply because they have reached the |
| |twice: in 1978 and in 1986 which now | |fear of unemployment based primarily |age of 65. |
| |has eliminated the upper age limit | |on their age. | |
| |completely. | | | |
| | |National Federation of the Blind vs. | | |
|Americans with Disabilities Act of |Prohibits discrimination against an ...

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