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Employment Conflict Management Essay

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Fast Serve is a company that is worth about twenty five million dollars that is responsible for direct marketing of branded sport materials. With the peaked interest online purchasing Fast Serve has decided to expand its online distributing division. After a few months of poor sales and difficulty with the technological support, Fast Serve has decided to cease its online division. With this new information some employees will have to be let go.
This paper will identify any potential conflict that could arise because of the decision on whom will be laid off. I will also select an alternative resolution technique that is needed to reduce the different risks associated with the ...view middle of the document...

After careful consideration the three employees have been selected for termination.


Potential Conflicts
Whenever someone is terminated from their place of employment, there is always a potential for conflict and/or retaliation. With Fast Serve, the five employees that have been put up for termination all have specific situations that may encourage conflict. In this simulation, the three employees that were terminated were Sarah Boyd, Brian Carter, and Nora Manson.
Sarah Boyd is a fifty-three year old woman that has dedicated her services to Fast Serve for the last fifteen years. She is currently a clerk in the dispatch department. Sarah’s years of tenure has made her the most informed employee within this entire department and she remains extremely loyal to her management team. After considering Sarah’s reviews from the last two years and the direction that Fast Serve is aiming towards in the future, she was easily the first to go. Fast Serve is in the process of having automatic dispatch system installed in the company, so the termination of this employee is inevitable. She was ultimately going to be replaced with a more current and up to date automated system. This system would cost less and be just as effective.
Next in line for termination is Brain Carter. Brian is a favorite amongst his colleges and is solely responsible for the creation of the online mannequin project. Recently Brian has been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in his wrist, more than likely due to the amount of work he put into the online mannequins. He has also taken missed work for the past seventeen days within the last two months. Brian’s explanation for his absences is due to his aching wrist and will provide medical documents to prove it soon. With closing the online department, it is highly unlikely that there will be a position that Brian will be able to do, especially with a wrist that is needed for him to be off so frequently. After scanning his reviews, his skill is best fit for the online division, which no longer exists, along with his continued absences is grounds for termination and will more than likely result in retaliation.
Lastly, and probably the most difficult termination, is Nora Manson. Nora is call center supervisor for Fast Serve. She is known for her strong feminist views and her connections with the NAACP. She has encouraged her “wrongfully terminated” African employees to file discrimination claims as soon as they are terminated. In regards to productivity, she is below median but her communication skills have allowed her to excel and save several major accounts for the company. She is a great listener and is also known for handling upset and irate customers with ease and poise. After careful consideration of her reviews and actions, she is a liability for the company whether with or without the company. With her history she is likely to retaliation and seeks assistance from the NAACP and EEOC. Before terminating her, a...

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