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Employing A Competitive Strategy Essay

1843 words - 8 pages

Assignment 2: Employing Strategy in a Competitive Environment

Danika R. Montelongo

BUS599029VA016-1126-001 Strategic Management

Prof. Gary Shelton-Strayer University

July 29, 2012

DRS Production Inc. is an independent film production company whose primary function is to provide self-help videos specifically catering to Cable and Satellite dish networks company’s customers within the Beltway area. The primary target market that will be the focus of DRS Productions will be cable and satellite providers. Initially and more specifically Comcast Cable Communications will be our primary client. Presently, Comcast serves a total of 24.6 million cable customers (Comcast, 2008); DRS ...view middle of the document...

Some factors to consider can include government actions that are currently in place or under consideration which can either support or detract from our strategy. We have to consider subsidies, safety, efficacy and operational regulations, licensing requirements, materials access restrictions and price controls. (NetMBA para,5) Anticipated demographic changes may support or negatively impact the growth potential in our industry and market. These factors can include such as education, age, income and geographic location. Technological changes that are occurring may or may not favor the actions of our enterprise as well. This would be the most important trend that could impact our ability to stay competitive in the market. As we provide our clients with self-help videos that will allow them to service their end user customers more efficiently at a lesser cost, we have to be cognizant of the fact that new technologies are surfacing every day. The cable industry alone has gone through significant changes from the original rabbit ears to analog boxes, then digital and now HD and HD DVR's (video recorders). We need to make sure that our product is constantly updated to ensure its compatibility to our clients’ products. We have to be familiar with these upcoming changes as they happen so that we can continue to anticipate our clients’ needs and address them before they actually request it, this is how we intend to capitalize on these technological changes, by ensuring our clients always have videos available to address their customers concerns thereby reducing call volume and costs. We will do this by consistently researching new and cutting edge technologies as they come out thereby staying ahead of our customers' needs. New entrants into the market could also pose a threat, as mentioned before there is currently no independent company offering these services to the cable industry. If we are successful in gaining market share and being profitable this could attract new comers that intent to pull our clients from us. We must combat this by being the low cost leader. Additionally we must continue to provide a quality product that our clients trust. Creating that loyalty will be a keystone in ensuring our standing in the market.
To meet the challenges of sustainable mobility, while embarking on a new phase of dynamic growth in every geography and strengthening its presence in the global marketplace, DRS Production can count on its core strengths: knowledge of the inner working of the cable industry, ability to offer a quality product, virtual company can be accessed easily online to yield a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We can do this by communicating effectively with core customers. Increased sales don’t necessarily translate into increased profits therefore we need to analyze the effectiveness of the company’s communications doing so will give us the insight into the inner working of the cable industry to be aware of the needs of the...

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