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Employee Training And Development Essay

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Transfer of training communicates to how trainees successfully and often they apply what they learned from training (skills, knowledge, cognitive strategies, behaviors) and how well they apply those competencies back to their current positions. The employee working environment and their characteristics plays an important role in their ability to self-motivate themselves, their peers and management to take what they have learned and transfer those techniques whether they are generalization skills such as verbal knowledge, motor skills or maintaining newly acquired skills, employer must insist or ensure that training takes place and transfer of training happens and it is ...view middle of the document...

Because BMW is one of the leaders in their automotive class. Their training and certification programs are vital to their company reputation in the automotive industry. Employee’s requirements to specific training areas or levels are designed to enhance the safety, proficiency and utility of their employees. BMW also understands that optional programs are designed to motivate employees with opportunities to enhance their careers and to encourage personal growth. BMW believe if they eliminate problems such as behaviors that may prevent transfer of training from transpiring, employees can then transfer new skills, knowledge, cognitive strategies, behaviors back to their working environment.
BMW also believe it is necessary to continue to introduce new technology and make upgrades to their state of the art training facility (BMW Group, 2011. p. 51). BMW places a lot of emphasis on their upper and mid level management and employee peer groups to participate in training design programs. They believe management support is key component to their organization business success (BMW Group, 2011, p.53, par.1.). When management supports employee training during and after training is completed, it reinforce and motivate employees to transfer new attitude, skills such as verbal knowledge, motor skills or maintain newly acquired skills back to their jobs. It also generate employee quest to continue to learn and to accept new training designs and programs.
BMW training programs are mandatory for all levels of management. Not only are they required to attend training, they are expected to take a proactive roles in the development of training materials. This is important because it enforce that management evaluates training materials before they are introduced to the employees to ensure they are parallel with the company methodology and the material that is being taught, management is able to transfer those competencies back to their own jobs. BMW feels their management team must be able to communicate and demonstrate new skills, knowledge, cognitive strategies, behaviors before they can transfer the company expectation back to their employees (BMW Group, 2011, p. 54, par.2).
Motivational instruments must be implemented to support transfer of training in work environments. These tools must be evaluated by introducing survey or materials that measure variables such as the trainee ability to focus, communicate, learn and offer position of control (self-management) where the organization, management and job support is available to support post training needs (Hicks, 2006,p. 7, par. 2).
The purpose for training evaluation is to document and determine the effectiveness of the company training programs. According to Kirkpatrick, training programs can offer some interesting outcomes that can beneficial to the company’s training programs (Kirkpatrick, 1998, p. 1-66). Evaluating training programs...

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