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Employee Satisfaction Of Rama News Print Limited

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“Employee Satisfaction of Rama News Print Limited”

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The Research Carried Out On The Topic Of Employee Satisfaction At Rama News Print Limited. The Objective Were To Measure Satisfaction Of Employee And Identifying Level Of Satisfaction Among The Employee. Descriptive Research Design Is Used In This Report. The Data Collected From The Both Sources Primary And Secondary The Primary Data Was Collected From The Respondents While The Secondary Data Regarding Subject Was Obtained From Various Magazines, Journals, Web Sites, Newspapers, And Books. The Sample Survey Was 50 Respondents.
Almost all the employees are satisfied with the wages paid to ...view middle of the document...

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Human resource is considered to be the most valuable asset in any organization. It is the sum-total of inherent abilities, acquired knowledge and skills represented by the talents and aptitudes of the employed persons who comprise executives, supervisors and the rank and file employees. It may be noted here that human resource should be utilized to the maximum possible extent, in order to achieve individual and organizational goals. It is thus the employee “performance, which ultimately decides, and attainment of goals.
Employee satisfaction is the terminology used to describe whether employees are happy and contented and fulfilling their desires and needs at work. Many measures purport that employee satisfaction is a factor in employee motivation, employee goal achievement, and positive employee morale in the workplace.
Employee satisfaction, while generally a positive in your organization, can also be a downer if mediocre employees stay because they are satisfied with your work environment.
The term relates to the total relationship between an individual and the employer for which he is paid. Satisfaction does mean the simple feeling state accompanying the attainment of any goal; the end state is feeling accompanying the attainment by an impulse of its objective.

In ancient time Indians are using Tamara patra (copper plant), todapatra & lahapatra with “ARABS” paper making is also entered our century as art which is learnt from Chinese but it was kept it secret by the few families paper was first discovered in the second century in china. The word paper was an art & paper was not prepared in paper mill. The first paper mill in India made “William Cary” in 1812 at Sri Rampur with help of “Kagazios”. In 1867 it was transferred to royal paper mill at a Bali near Calcutta.
Paper plays a very important role in every one’s life paper industry supplies various types of paper, paper boards & specially paper to a number of end users which includes government an education, companies packing printing , news paper& magazines ect. Paper product is intimately linked with the cultural & economic development of a country; the demand on paper depends on a number of intangible packages such as population, national income, growth of literacy & spread of education into distance part of the country, standard of living an industrial production.
The Indian industry produces the number of paper & paper boards. This includes glassier, grease proof paper, vegetables, parchment paper, art cards, cigarettes paper, in solution, craft paper map litho paper, manila paper, coated paper & coated boards, duplex triplex paper & straw boards, paper boards, thick paper, tissue paper & computer stationary ect. This are used by numbers of industries like printing newsprint process foods tobacco packing & corrugation, carbon making bugs, sacks industries,...

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