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Employee Portfolio Motivation Portfolio Essay

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Employee Portfolio Motivation Portfolio

Employee Portfolio Motivation Portfolio
Being a manager at Riordan Manufacturing, I had my staff take self-assessments in order to see how I can use the material to find ways to manage them effectively. My three employees are a great asset to the company, each having their own performance level and character. After carefully assessing their portfolio, I determined how their character affected their performance of the organization along with that I had also created recommendations on the assessments I received. In this paper, I will determine the right motivational strategy that fits each employee’s characteristics to create an action plan to ...view middle of the document...

Overall, she is a great manager and with
the little extra verbal praise she will continue to strive to make Riordan a better place. I will just
encourage her to keep up the good work.
Sue I:
The best motivational strategy that best fits Sue would be Enactive Mastery, this is due to
the fact that she feels practice makes perfect. Sue will go repeatedly over on a new task she has
received to ensure she understands it to the fullest. When she is training her staff, she will work
with them in the same manner to make sure they are comfortable before she lets them take over
completely. She believes that being efficient is very important in any business. She strongly
encourages her staff to stay on task to complete the orders when they are due. I know she is
unhappy with her pay so I am going to encourage her to keep up the hard work and I will give
her a raise, she is a valuable manager and I want to make her happy. She is a great asset to the
Relevant Theory
The relevant theory that fits John M would be McClelland’s Theory. He needs to be
happy at work and he needs to love what he does. He expects his staff to be ready to work and
their heads fully into the business.
When we look at Brooke W relevant theory the best that describes her would be

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