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Employee Portfolio Essay

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In order to be an affective manager one must fully understand their employees. One way to better understand an employee’s personality type is to give the employee an assessment. Riordan Manufacturing managers are trying to increase their abilities to manage employees. Three employees Paul, Jerry, Ellis were recently asked to complete a series of questions that would categorize specific characteristics and to define how those traits directly affect the Riordan Manufacturing Company. In order to find out the employee’s strength, weaknesses, and personality the assessment questions will include: How Satisfied Am I with My Job? Am I Engaged? How Are You Feeling Right Now?
Lets first begin with Ellis a very productive member of the organization that has been with the company for many years. On the assessment of How Satisfied Am I with My Job? Ellis scored 76, which is high. Organizations with employees who score high are ...view middle of the document...

On the assessment of How Satisfied Am I with My Job? Paul scored a 57, which is very low. Employees who score low with job satisfaction have a high turnover and are not willing to be a team player. Paul is not satisfied with any aspect of his job. On the assessment of Am I engaged? Paul scored 23 out of a possible 45. The low score explains his job satisfaction. On the assessment of How Are You Feeling Right Now? Paul scored 13 from a range of 10 to 50. A low score in this area indicates he is unable to manage his emotions well.
The third and final employee is Jerry. Jerry has been with the organization for about three years and is a well-respected co-worker. On the assessment of How Satisfied Am I with My Job? Jerry scored 74, which is high. Organizations with employees who score high are more likely to have a lower turnover. Ellis works well with others and is a true team player. He is satisfied with all aspects of his job. On the assessment of Am I engaged? Ellis scored 33 out of a possible 45. The high score explains his job satisfaction. On the assessment of How Are You Feeling Right Now? Ellis scored 35 from a range of 10 to 50. A high score in this area indicates he is able to manage his emotions well. Jerry is able to handle stress well but he could work on being more positive when he fails at a task.
These three employees’ characteristics affect the performance of the organization tremendously. Both Ellis and Jerry have very similar results from the assessments both scoring high in all of the areas. The high scores on the assessments are a good indicator that both Ellis and Jerry will be very productive and happy employees in the future which is great for the overall success of the organization. On the other hand there is Paul who seems like the bad apple of the bunch, he is that guy who walks in the room and everyone walks out. A disgruntle and dissatisfied employee can ultimately have a negative affect on the organization. My recommendations for additional assessments would only be advised for Paul, which I don’t think will be around long enough for another assessment.

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