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Employability Skills Essay

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P1 & P2 Assignment: Mayflower Theatre

Brief History of the Mayflower
The mayflower is a theatre in Southampton that was built in the early 1920’s and in that time has seen 23 prime ministers, wars and most surprisingly England win the world cup. Previously named the almond they renamed it the Mayflower in 1986 as they thought it regarded the preforming arts more suitably.

They are a theatre that hires preforming groups to perform at their theatre, they make their money through ticket sales, which can be a high revenue business considering their biggest hall has a capacity of 2300 people and tickets can price up to and over £100 each. This is just one of the ways that they ...view middle of the document...

If an employee is breaking the ground rules of their contract human resources team are expected to raise any concerns, if the problem continues they are expected to issue warnings and at a last resort possibly dismissal.
Human resources are expected to arrange training and provide employees with any other information on changes within government regulations eg. Health and safety.
If a employee raises a training based concern it is their responsibility to react to this concern appropriately for example if a member of staff requests first aid training Human Resources should be willing to pay for appropriate training. CPD (continuous professional development) is a constant update of skills and training that a employee receives, this can be delivered by internal members of staff or an external agency.

Human resources are also in charge of Induction; This is when a person starts with the company they are introduced to the ways things are run on the premises, any safety precautions EG. Fire Exits, Medical rooms, as well as what is expected from them on a daily basis.

This is an example of an advertisement used to show a new job vacancy, they would advertise this in local newspapers, on their website as well as websites such as Jobsites and Jobsearch and within the local job centre.
This particular job is for casual work within the ticket office, paying £6.88 an hour for doing 3 shifts per week, once they apply for the job by emailing in they are sent an application via email or post giving more information about the job and the hours you will be working this is known as a job description. They will also have a document known as a ‘Person Specification’ this shows the qualifications and skills the applicant will need, some are desirable e.g. First Aid qualified, but others are essential for example having good customers...

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