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Emotional Thinking Style Mgt/350 Essay

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Organizational Behavior Forces Discussion LT Chart / Matrix
FORCES | COMMUNICARE INC. | Vallivue School Dist | Self-employed construction | Winco Foods | COMPANY #5 |
Restructuring | In the 3 years that I have worked for Communicare Inc, I have not witnessed any restructuring. The company has maintained the same organizational structure since it opened in the 1980’s. It has been owned and operated by Tom and Linda Wittermore the whole time. I do not foresee any restructuring within the company until after Tom and Linda Wittermore retire. | Unless Idaho laws change the education system, the structure will continue to be the same. The classrooms will have a teacher and students. The ...view middle of the document...

Communicare is audited by the state yearly. Communicare is a state funded agency and a non-profit organization. | The school system follows federal and state law. | It is essential to stay within budget and to make sure all sub-contractors are paid on time in full. | Winco has other organizations in which to regulate and audit them adhering to state and federal laws too. The company also has employees that audit the stores and the corporate offices. | |
Competition | Communicare is in competition with a few companies within the Treasure Valley that offer similar services. While the competition is there, Communicare does not focus on the competition rather Communicare focuses on the services that they provide to the people they serve. | There is competition everywhere and the schools are not the exception. School districts have boundaries that they have to respect, but there is always a parent that prefers certain district. She rather drive her kids to school instead of changing schools. | Competition is great. It keeps you focused in your goals. In this case the competition is great in the fact that there is a lot of competition. | Competition in the grocery industry is ugly. Mainly because of the things that others will do to beat the price of another. There really are no boundaries that each will go too to win. Even with that Winco still sees its customers as the main concern. Trying to make sure that all the customers are able to receive the best prices and service possible. | |
Economy | With the decline in the economy, Communicare Inc, has had to make several budget cuts. These budget cuts have been with supplies and the companies we use. We have switched pharmacies for our clients’ medications several times in order to reduce costs. We have also decreased some of the over time that we allow staff to work. Some of the bonuses that we used to receive have been cut. We have also had to eliminate some of our expensive client outings that the company paid for. Fortunately we have not had to make any cuts in staff salaries, wages or eliminate positions. We have been able to maintain benefits. | The economy affects government funded projects and the school system is one of them. Every year the schools get X amount of dollars to cover for all the expenses related to the school and each year that budget keeps going doing which force the schools to cut certain areas. For example, teachers are laid off, as a result the students in classroom tends to increase. | The economy has really hurt all facets of new construction, housing and building and remodeling. My drafter who used to work full time at drafting now works 50hours a week at a restaurant as a cook. I am not sure how the economy can turn around anytime soon. It seems that things will get worse before it gets better. | The economy has really been struggling but even with that people need to eat and still want the best prices available. Even though a lot of the sales are from...

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