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Emotional Survival For Law Enforcement Essay

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The book, Stress Management for Law Enforcement, written by Dr. Kevin M. Gilmartin, Ph.D. is a must read for all law enforcement personnel. Law enforcement professionals are faced with many challenges in their personal lives and professional careers. These challenges, often predictable and preventable, can become dangerous problems. Consequences such as unemployment, divorce, lost friendships, and even suicide may not be eluded if self-help is avoided. However, the choice of becoming a “survivor” instead of a “victim” is that of each and every police officer who risk their lives every day. In the text, Dr. Gilmartin discusses cynicism and the effect it can have on an individual. Our every ...view middle of the document...

91). The on-duty officer is alive, alert, energetic, involved, and humorous. However, when we end our tour of duty, we become tired, detached, isolated, and apathetic to say the least. Police officers do not have “normal” jobs compared to many other professions. Police officers have absolute control over their personal life; however, many choose to control nothing and become a “victim.” The author states, “If officers continue to underinvest emotionally in the phase they actually control, they only intensify their victim status” (Gilmartin, p. 90). The victim thinking takes over their mindset and they will begin or continue to experience severe consequences in their lives. Dr. Gilmartin believes that officers who have experienced a redefinition of their sense of self can say, “I am a cop.” This passage is very meaningful because wearing the law enforcement shield represents honor, integrity, service, and dedication. As a police officer, we are held to a higher standard that those we serve. The shield is much more than a piece of metal; it shows our strength of character as we serve our communities each and every day....

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