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Emotional Roller Coaster Essay

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It was the first time in my life to find out I was expecting a baby. At first, the thought of a growing little person that my significant other and I created on our own seemed to overjoy us, despite how young we were when we found out the news. Nothing else seemed to matter more than we were going to start a little family of our own and truthfully I couldn’t have been happier. As time went on I knew little about the whirlwind of emotions that could strike such deep depression that later would cause problems with my child.
I always had a knack for over analyzing every situation that ever occurred around me and more so than ever once I found out I was pregnant. I also took great ...view middle of the document...

I remember vividly saying to him, “neither of us are working and we don’t even have our own vehicle anymore. How are we really supposed to take care of a kid if we can’t even take care of ourselves?” I remember him looking puzzled and reassuring me that he was going to get a job. His response silenced my worries for only a little while.
As time went on, the worries came back and it weighed even heavier on me. The situation remained the same, we still no source of income. This wasn’t simply because the job market was down but because Dennis’s priorities weren’t where they needed to be. He was still caught up in living the way we knew all too well before we found out we were expecting. He acted as if our lives hadn’t changed, going out all night, coming and going as he pleased, and partying with friends was still acceptable to him. From time to time it really bothered me because I no longer could partake in the irresponsible ways of people without children of their own, just like Dennis was doing. It was at times struggle within myself to face the changes of my old lifestyle to accommodate the health of unborn baby. I figured if I can successfully do it there isn’t any good reason why he couldn’t. After many endless arguments between the both of us about why it was or wasn’t the right time to get our lives together, I found myself at home alone trying to think of some logical reason of why he couldn’t just do this one things for me, or for our unborn baby.
After living my life for more than three months in constant stress, I woke up at six in the morning to excruciating pain in my lower stomach. I sensed something was wrong, but I wasn’t leaking amniotic fluid and there wasn’t any sign of blood lost. I waited until my doctor’s office was open at 8 a.m. and called right away to tell them about the symptoms I was feeling. The nurse told me to immediately come in, so I did so. After waiting two hours, Dr. Johnson came finally came into my room, confirmed I was experiencing contractions, checked my cervix, and frantically told me that I was I was in preterm labor. His medical team quickly rushed me from the doctor’s office over to the hospital by wheelchair, where he then again checked my cervix with a machine to confirm that I was two centimeters dilated. The medical staff followed the doctor’s orders and inserted an IV into my arm that would get the medicine, Magnum Sulfate, into my bloodstream as fast as it could to stop the labor. In the meantime, Dr. Johnson made arrangements with my consent to be transferred to St. John’s Hospital where the proper care for the premature baby and myself would, with no doubt, be met.
After about an hour long ambulance ride, I arrived at St. Johns. The paramedics wheeled me and the IV stand up to the sixth floor of the hospital, which is where I...

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