Emotional Intelligence Essay

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MNM 232- Organizational Behaviour

Task : Individual Assignment 1- What is My Emotional
Intelligence Score?

Student’s Name : Tahnee Tsen Tze Ting (13DM256)

Program : Diploma in Commerce

Lecturer’s Name : Ms Barbara Vun

Due Date : 26 September 2014

Question 1: Did the results surprise you? Why or why not?
After answering the questionnaire, my marks for the five basic dimension of EI are as follows: self –awareness (9 marks), self –management (7 marks), self –motivation (10 marks), empathy (6 marks), and social skills (7 marks). I am not surprised of the result ...view middle of the document...

In certain situations, I could not put myself in my friend’s shoes especially in situations that are related to love, and I can only comfort them by telling them not to cry.
My social skills are good in building rapport with people from all walks of life, i.e. I can be friends with the aunty from the photocopy center, colleague of different ethnicity, or with anyone. But I am bad in awkward social situations as I will be shy especially in situations when I attend event where most of the people are adults.
Therefore, I predicted that I will not have a very high emotional intelligence and it is just slightly above average.

Question 2: Look at the three items on which your score was lowest. What are some skills or attitudes you can work on to improve your EI? Explain.
The three items which my score were lowest are self-management, empathy and social skills. I got 7 marks for both self- management and social skills while I got 6 marks for empathy.
Self-management is an ability to stay on track and think carefully even when going through powerful emotions. Being able to self-management is important if we are to take responsibilities for our own actions and can prevent us from making decisions that we will regret later on. (Smith, 2014)
To improve my self-management skills, firstly I should take responsibilities for my own feelings. I am responsible once I accepted my emotions. I should change my attitude from the powerless “Why are they making me feeling like this” to the more empowering “What should I do the change what I am feeling now?” (Smith, 2014)
Secondly, I should be kind to my own body. (Smith, 2014) One of the ways that I can be kind to my own body is to get the adequate amount of sleeping. I must not sleep too much or sleep too less as it can contribute to me being more emotionally reactive. If I don't sleep well, I will tend to be more irritable the next day. Or, if I sleep too much, I will probably feel sluggish, lethargic, and grumpy. (Djik, 2014)
Lastly, one of the ways to improve my self-management skills is to calm myself instantly when I am in fear or anger. (Smith, 2014) Anger is a surface emotion, if we do not have a firm grasp on our anger responses, we are going to hold it in until it explodes, and ended up saying and doing things that we will regret. (Esposito, 2014) Therefore, I should breathe slowly or count to 10 and doing these will separate me from stressful situations such as feeling angry or fear. (wikiHow, 2014)
Empathy is an ability to understand other person’s feeling. A person with empathy is able to put themself in other person’s shoes and feel what they feel. (Psychology Today, 2014)
To improve my empathy skills, I must learn how to notice visual clues indicated by other people. Actually all of us unconsciously have the ability to read other person’s emotional state from subtle changes in their expression, movements, posture, and breathing. Therefore, I need to enhance this ability and I can do...

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