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Emotional Disorder Essay

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Emotional Disorders and its
Impact in a Child’s Life

Lipscomb University


This paper explores the different impacts that Emotional Disorders can have on a child’s life. It will cover the impact on the child’s learning, on the classroom, and on the child’s family. The research for this paper was conducted online and offline. Some of the content is reflected from personal experiences. This paper will discuss some characteristics of Emotional Disorders, how the parents can help their child grow, the best ways for the child to learn, and some suggestions for teachers that may have a child with this disability in their classroom.

Emotional Disorders and its
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The toll it can take on the parents can affect the welfare of the child. It will be difficult to find appropriate child care, go on normal family outings, or have friends over. (NICHCY Website, June 2010) The stress of raising a child with a disability can either bring families closer together or tear them apart. The child will need constant care, with doctor visits, visits to psychiatrist, case workers, and possible medication it can become financially overwhelming. There could be tension between the parents because of the financial burden. One of the parents may have to become a stay at home parent to care for the child, this could lead to resentment of the parent that will be able to continue with their normal everyday life from 8 to 5. There could be tension between the parents over the proper way to care for the child. The siblings could feel that all of the parent’s attention is going to toward the child with the disability. They could feel resentful toward the child because their life is impacted as well. They may feel as if they are being cheated out of a normal life because every day will center around the child with the disability. If there are no siblings it could affect the parent’s decision to have more children. All of this tension could lead to fighting and possible divorce. (Reichman, Corman, Noonan, 2008 Springer)
Although caring for a child with an emotional disorder can be overwhelming it can also bring families closer together. It can help the parents look at the world differently; try to see the world through their child’s eyes. It can help the parents see the child’s inner strengths, get to know them, not just the disability. It can help the parents focus on the child’s accomplishments. (Reichman, Corman, Noonan, 2008 Springer) The outcome is up to the parents, yes it may be difficult but there are many support groups out there. As long as the parents realize that their child is not the only one with a disability they can overcome adversity and help their child live the full, exciting, happy life that they once dreamed of for their child.
Emotional Disturbance is not commonly talked about when referring to children with educational disabilities. It is a learning disability that many children are affected by, even though it does not seem that common. Interestingly though, emotional disturbance is generally used as an educational term rather than a psychiatric one (Sharon, 2001).
It directly relates to a students learning and social behaviors. Emotional disturbance is defined as emotional symptoms that interfere with a students learning in a classroom. Children with emotional disturbance can exhibit many behaviors, including; an inability to learn that cannot be explained by intellectual or health factors, an inability to build relationships with teachers or peers, inappropriate feelings or behaviors under normal circumstances, being unhappy or depressed (Council for Exceptional Children, 2011).
All of these can be...

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