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Emotional Abuse Essay

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Emotional abuse on Women

There are various types of violence against women. When someone defines acts of violence towards a woman, majority of the time, physical and sexual assaults comes to our mind. However, violence needs to be narrowed to nonviolent acts such as psychological and emotional abuse.

Most people don’t consider emotional abuse a serious matter in comparison to physical abuse. Unfortunately, the wounds from verbal abuse can run just as deep and take longer to heal than the black eyes, bruises or broken bones of physical abuse. It is harder to identify for the victim, the abuser and the environment.

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How Widespread is emotional abuse?

This type of abuse is the least understood form of abuse. Unlike sexual or domestic violence, there is very little public education on this subject as well as it is less spoken and dealt with.

In Canada, only few studies provide insight about the prevalence of emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse is difficult to research because
1) in comparison to other forms of abuse, its effects have only recently been recognized
2) There are no consistent definitions and it is hard to define.
3) It is difficult to detect, assess and substantiate and
4) in many cases of emotional abuse go unreported.

The most recent data that I could find on this topic was from the Stats Canada 1993 Violence Against Women Survey. The data from that survey indicated:

- 35% of all women surveyed reported that their spouse was emotionally abusive
- 18% of women reported experiencing emotional abuse but not physical abuse in relationship
- 77% of women reported emotional abuse in combination with physical abuse.
- In one Canadian study on abuse in university and college dating relationships, 81% of male respondents reported that they had psychologically abused a female partner.

From the Stats Canada 2004, the 1993 Violence Against Women Survey has been the most comprehensive survey conducted on violence against women in Canada to date.

The physical & psychological effects of emotional abuse

Emotional abuse can have serious physical and psychological consequences for women such as depression, lack of motivation, anxiety, persistent headaches, Confusion, lack of concentration, difficulty...

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