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Emmeline Pankhurst Essay

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SLIDE 1 - Emmeline Pankhurst was a historical legacy known for her role as leader in the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) and the devotion she had for protesting female rights. Her and her Union fought to ensure all aspects of equality for all women, but they especially fought for women suffrage. Although their goals were successful and their Union is now regarded with utmost respect, in their time Emmeline Pankhurst and the WSPU were ridiculed and thought of as a joke. She often ran into trouble with the authorities and was arrested countless times – countless being a key word as she often wore disguises to avoid jail time. However, when she was in jail she tried to evade the law ...view middle of the document...

This was seen as rude and controversial because they were protesting women’s political rights in an unpolitical manner. Even being there as women was disapproved of. In later months wilder protests took place; arson, refusal to pay taxes, chaining themselves to railings, smashing windows, and damaging golf courses.
SLIDE 4 – In the second source, we see an article. The source is a few paraphrases long and gives a few reasons to support the anti-suffrage movement. The first argument states that “Women are not suffering from any injustice which giving them the ballot would rectify”. This suggests that because there is no clear outrageous abnormality in women’s lives, giving them suffrage would not solve anything, especially since they have never had power before. Another argument states “the attempt of a minority (suffragettes) to force its will upon the majority is contrary to the teachings of democracy”. Partially true; the suffragettes were not significantly large and were mainly women of the middle class but claiming that by not allowing woman suffrage, democracy would prevail is a little farfetched. The last argument states “It isn’t law but law enforcement which protects society. Woman could not enforce laws even if she made them”. This argument could be taken a number of ways. It could suggest that all women like the suffragettes, would fall victim to ridicule and would not be taken seriously. It could also mean the women of the 20th century did not possess the physical strength men did that was ‘needed’ to govern or be a part of politics.
SLIDE 5 – The extremities and militancy ended on the outbreak of war in 1914, when Emmeline focused on supporting the war effort. She helped ration food, find shelter and assist with injuries the war might have caused. It is question...

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