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Emirates Airlines
In the Middle East, Emirates Airlines is one of the market leaders in the air transport industry. It operates about 2,200 flights in a week across the whole world with its main hub in Dubai, UAE (Shaw 67). The company engages in offering commercial air transport services both in the UAE and internationally. This includes cargo, postal and passenger carriage services. Moreover, the company engages in offering retail and wholesale consumer goods, institutional and in-flight catering and hotel operations. Its headquarters is in Dubai where the coordination of all operations including flight takes place. The company was founded following the ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, training employees is one of the major priorities of the company. The global strategy of the company enables it increase flight numbers in its major destinations globally (Doganis, The Airline Business in the Twenty-first Century 98). This makes sure that the airline remains competitive in the market. The company further prides of the state of the art security. It attracts more passengers and investors making the airline more successful compared to other airlines.
Emirates Airlines initiated several marketing activities recently. Operational inputs depict the efforts to improve productivity (Kleymann and Seristö 73). These involve market strategies and the company strategy at large. One can see the outputs by the growth in passenger and cargo capacities and profit margins. First, the airline has a strong background support from the owners giving it a good foundation to market itself. In addition, it developed an ‘open skies’ strategy or the free competition that helps the airline to competitively market itself (Shaw 89). An analysis of the external and internal market advantages of the airline illustrates its market effectiveness. Characterized by flexibility, the company runs a unique model of business making it a global leader in long haul flights across the globe. Effective pricing strategy makes sure that passengers pay cheaper air tickets, but enjoy the flights (Meek, Palmer and Parkinson 52). This is a big boost to its competitive advantage. The cost-effective advantage gives passengers the reason to prefer the airline over other competitors. It is necessary to highlight that the long haul flights are profitable owing to the low costs of operation. Further, the company has a large pool of creative managers and advisors (Doganis, Flying Off Course: The Economics of International Airlines 123). They develop and design competitive products and services giving it an edge over competitors. The adoption of technology in the operations of the company offers clients a great experience making them come back. The ‘Open Skies’ also strategy helps the airline compete with other players in the market (Plunkett 82). The UAE government enables the airline to develop liberal market that it runs to sustain and encourage competition. More important, the airline participates in many environmental programs like planting trees and supporting initiatives of global climatic change.
Flight operations are the core of Emirates airline. The company operates a mixture of Airbus and Boeing. Department of flight operations manages different facets on the Emirates Group operational side. Nevertheless, its main responsibility is to guarantee efficient, legal, and safe operations. This includes scheduling and training of flight deck crew to make sure they comply with regulatory and licensing requirements. It also involves managing superior operations in a customer-friendly, safe, and efficient environment. Operational staff in the department helps...

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