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Emerging Trends In Breakfast Segment Essay

1039 words - 5 pages

Name- Abhishek Kar
Institute- IIPS, DAVV Indore

After a period of stagnation in the breakfast segment, now a number of big brands like Nestle, Pepsi, ITC etc have started shifting their focus towards this potential segment. Even the regional players have started experimenting as they don’t want to be left behind in the race. With leading players like Kellogg and baggry’s India, already dominating the segment, all these brands have understood the need to adapt and change according to the consumer preferences. Traditional food items like breads and toasts, which used to be common on the breakfast table, are now being slowly replaced by ...view middle of the document...

PACKAGING: We all are aware of the fact that attractive packaging helps in driving consumption of any product. The same is happening in this case, tags like high fibre, rich in protein, cholesterol lowering etc tags being attached on the packets are attracting a lot of customers.
CUSTOMER PREFERENCES: Companies are lending their ears to the customers and trying to satisfy them in every possible manner. For instance, a leading oats manufacturing company i.e. Quaker oats entered into the Indian market in 2006, it realised after some time that though a good number of customers had started adopting oats but in the meantime, there were a few who were still not ready to accept it due to its bland taste. Some were adding sugar and other items to add flavour to the oats. This led the company to think for a different way to rule out this problem and so they came out with masala oats and viable oats. The innovation worked well and since then, a lot of customers have started consuming oats.
The 650 crore organised breakfast cereal market can see a large number of companies now focusing on this segment. Though 80 % of the cereal breakfast segment is still occupied with cornflakes but, with enhanced competition and with the urge to make mark in customer’s mid, companies are willing to experiment with their products. Even companies like Bagrry’s India, which is considered to be India’s first local cereal maker, have started facing stiff competition and so have come up with various permutations and combinations in their products. Even products like olive oils are becoming popular on breakfast tables, which people add to their breakfast to make it more tasty and nutritious. In fact their consumption has increased from 46 to 49 % this year. From this, it is clearly evident that the breakfast segment in India is on rise and this growth will retain its momentum for the next few years.
* Packaged breakfast market in India is valued around 600-650 crore.
* Cold cereals form 350...

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