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Emerging Trends For Human Resource Management

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Emerging Trends for Human Resource Management
Nixza Y. Hernández
Human Resources Management - MGT/431
April 27, 2010
Igor Shegolev, SPHR

Our current economic and employment state, once again, reaffirms the need to change how we approach the old, “business as usual” adage. In fact, business has certainly been many things; however, “usual” has long since ceased to be one of them.
Recruiting tactics have grown from simple want ads to encompass sophisticated on-line employment applications and career day employment kiosks in schools and job fairs. Whether new or established, businesses address many similar issues from jobs descriptions and salaries, to employee retention ...view middle of the document...

Although the HR department works symbiotically with all the departments, it likely works most with accounting and marketing to establish the business’ employment desirability and reputation. Individuals seeking to improve their careers and quality of life will naturally pursue businesses that are reputable and poised to supply their personal goals. This is good for the business because their reputation attracts a greater number of highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable candidates.
“One overriding issue certainly affects your recruitment efforts: the potential hire's perception of the industry or your company. As you know, perception is not necessarily the reality. While reality affects recruitment and retention, many in your community know your company only via rumor or impressions formed from hearsay. From this, their perception is formed.” (Dossenbach, February, 2007, Pg. 1, Para. 3).
Businesses that want to preserve their company’s reputation will set clear guidelines for employees regarding the use of company resources and online communications. This includes the consideration of employees’ judgment, such as their opting to create personal blogs where potentially harmful photos or comments that can implicate the employer--whether directly or indirectly--may cost the individual their continued employment. Whether employees agree or not, some company policies severely limit or outright prohibit the creation of blogs or use other public access venues to discuss company issues, details or complaints.
A happy workforce will typically speak highly of their employer to their family, friends and acquaintances. This can be a business’ best selling point, because the information is disseminated from firsthand experiences throughout the community, creating employment desirability.
“Pay is not everything, but it is important, as we all know. Make an effort to become competitive…” (Dossenbach, February, 2007, Pg. 1, Para. 11). Thus, they will want to hire the best possible employees, possessing knowledge, skill and a desire to remain employed with the business for years to come. To manage a business’ higher and more specific employment needs, the HR management department must be informed and flexible to assist the business and help it succeed.
“Human resource (HR) as a profession has undergone a number of changes and has faced various challenges in the past. […]. With an economy growing at 9 percent per annum, India is stretching its wings far and wide, seeking to become globally competitive. And these Human Resource Managers have brought a sea change in the process of globalisation.” (Calcutta, IIM, Pathak, & Ganguly, 2007, pg. 1).
Hiring employees with the right knowledge and experience is one aspect, but being able to have them fit the company’s mission, vision and goals as well as their peers is equally crucial. With businesses immersed in global networking, our ability to do the job well...

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