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Emerging Technology Essay

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Technology to many people means computers, but technology is in every thing we use, it is in your clothes, your car, and even your hair. People use technology everyday and do not know that they are using it. Technology as a whole has advanced rapidly through the years. While technology already on a grand scale, is only going to advance beyond your imagination. There are people creating something new everyday, or just simply reinventing something good to make it even better; For example the wheel, first it was made of rock, then eventually made of rubber, which is more practical to use. Necessity creates most of the useful technology; a car is a good example of this, because people wanted to ...view middle of the document...

This technology will probably be used to translating for ambassadors of foreign nations without the use of a third party translator. This would allow people to send top-secret information from one person to another without worrying about the translator snitching on you. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, U.S.DARPA, persuaded Gao's team to develop one-way translation software for a PDA, which U.S. troops in Afghanis Stan and Iraq use to ask about medical care. "In ten years every one may have this on their hand held or their cell phone, says Yuqing Gao (Huang)."A cell with an on/off switch may sound crazy, even insane. Weiss is one of the many researchers in the field of synthetic biology, that has assembled genes into a network designed to force cells to do what their programmers want (Gravitz). This technology along with bacteria can advance biosensing, which uses are detecting land-mined or biological weapons. Add human cells to the mix and researchers could build entire organs for transplantation. "James J. Collins, a biomedical engineer at Boston University created a "toggle switch" that allows chosen functions within cells to be turned on and off at will. Michael Elowits, a professor of biology and physics at Caltech, Stanislas Leibler of Rockefeller University has created another circuit that causes cells to switch between glowing and non-glowing phases (Gravitz)." Weiss has used directed evolution, inserting a gene network into a cell, selectively promoting the growth of the best cells for the task, "fine tuning his circuits." Sponsored by the U.S.DARPA, he is devising a group of cells called "algorithms," which allow bacteria to figure out how far away a stimulus is and very reactions accordingly (Gravitz).Thomas Tuschi has an off switch for genetic diseases. In Germany's May Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, he discovered that double stranded RNA if designed to target a specific gene in humans could block it all together. RNAi is reliable and much stronger than earlier methods. "It worked the first time we did the experiment," says Tuschi. Pharmaceutical companies are using RNAi to search for drug targets. Using RNAi to stop a key gene in HIV could stop AIDS. The interference, or the way RNAi works, is preventing the gene from translating into the protein it encodes. A gene normally translates into an intermediate messenger RNA molecule, then it to puts together a protein, but if interference happens, "cellular scissors" slice and destroy the protein. The problem is in getting the proteins to the patients cells, although John Rossi, a molecular geneticist at the City of Hope National Medical Center if Duarte, CA, predicts RNAi therapies to be on the market "...Within maybe three or four years, says Rossi (Garber)."Few emerging technologies offer as much promise as nanotechnology. Companies varying from Samsung Electronics to Wilson Sporting goods invest in nanotechnology (Amato). "Nanowires are more versatile,...

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