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Emergency Plan Essay

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The purpose of the Health and Medical section is to provide information which identifies the methods used in mobilizing and managing health and medical services in response to emergencies at Glover International Airport. These areas include treatment, transport and evocation of the injured, removal of deceased, disease control and prevention of contamination during emergencies.
• Situation and Assumptions
Glover International Airport provides basic emergency medical care response for the Airport and will request assistance from the city of Seattle and City or Tukwila Fire Departments as necessary.
The Airport provides emergency medical services through ARFF personnel and ...view middle of the document...

Also, the fire department should provide quick response for rescue. There are several factors for selecting the quickest route such as terrain, design of apparatus, effects of weather, and load capacity of bridges, ramps, etc.
2. Size-up
Size-up should be examined from four different positions; from the Incident Command’s perspective, from the driver/operator’s perspective, from the firefighter’s perspective, and from an EMS perspective. IC’s check list includes mutual aid support, location of staging, need for buses and blankets, medical support, rescue rehab, and status report.
3. Priorities
In any kind of emergency situation, the priorities are almost the same. It always comes down from life safety, incident stabilization, and property stabilization.
4. Position Apparatus
When approach to the scene, units should be very careful so as not run over any occupants, wreckage, ground scarring, spilled fuel, or other hazards. Before entering a crashing site, units should consider the terrain, slope of ground, and direction of wind. Vehicles should be positioned uphill and upwind to avoid fuel vapors that may gather in low-lying areas. Position vehicles as easily as possible in case of requiring reposition.
5. Wind
Attacking from upwind is safer and more efficient because heat and smoke are carried away from the operating area. Also, upwind paths of egress for the aircraft’s occupants are safer due to the exit corridor being free of heat and smoke.
6. Wreckage
Firefighters should take time to confirm that initial fire fighting efforts are aimed at a portion of the fuselage and not a section of wing or other part of the aircraft that does not contain occupants.
7. Survivors
The responding unit should decide upon the rescue entrance (normal loading doors, emergency exits, or emergency cut-in points). The exits should be protected for occupants to escape.
8. Hazardous Areas
Even though the entire crashing aircraft should be considered as hazardous, there are several specific areas should be avoided like aircraft propellers, jet turbine engines, wings, and radar systems.
9. Extinguishment
Extinguishment involves the elimination of all surface fire either on the ground or inside an aircraft. It’s an extension of the fire control phase because the control phase includes maintaining an escape exit from fire and, whenever possible, completely isolating the occupied portion of the aircraft.
For mass casualty situations:
1. Qualified personnel will screen all victims as soon as possible. The START triage system as currently approved by the Glover International Airport Emergency Medical Service protocols will be utilized.
2. The degree of medical response needed to support the emergency will be determined by the Incident Commander.
3. DPS-Fire staff is trained to the Basic Life Support Level (BLS). DPS-Fire line staff has fulfilled the State of Texas requirements for certification as Emergency Medical Technicians-Basic.

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