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Emc Compared To Ama Essay

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Europe’s EMC Compared to U.S AMA
Norman Hunter
MBA 505
January 10, 2014

This paper is a comparative viewpoint on the similarities and differences in the governance and leadership between the American Statement of Ethics and the European Marketing Confederation Code of Conduct, and how these differences impact decision-making and governance of U.S. and European marketing. The limits may be less evident when matching U.S. and European marketing practices. After reviewing what is accepted what is legal or ethical in one country is possibly illegal in the other, or vice versa.

The European code of conduct is issued by a board of directors, outlining specific behaviors required or prohibited as a condition of ongoing endeavors by individuals. These are rigorous standards enforced by company leaders
The American Marketing Association’ statement of ethics, ...view middle of the document...

The codes attempt to regulate behavior in very different ways. Ethical standards generally are wide-ranging and non-specific, designed to provide a set of values or decision-making approaches that enable employees to make independent judgments about the most appropriate course of action. Conduct standards usually require little judgment; you obey or incur a penalty, and the code provides a fairly clear set of expectations about which actions are required, acceptable or prohibited. Conduct standards generally require little judgment; you obey or incur a penalty, and the code provides a fairly clear set of expectations about which actions are required, acceptable or prohibited.
Yucel (2004-2014), “Because of differences in cultural and legal environments, for instance, it is illegal to use any comparative advertising in Germany” (Universal Marketing Strategies of a Global Company). In some European countries as of 2013 it is now not legal to use the bait and switch tactics and is in the implementation of being regulated.
Even with the euro-zone recovering from an economic crisis, trading with Europe offers huge possibilities for the United States. With the advancement of technology and the use of the web for advertising the aspect of privacy is a hurdle to accomplish for any U.S. marketer, since Google and other social media are in question as to their privacy practices in Europe.
It is in the best interest ethical marketing a combination of both Europe and the United States to combine both types of behavior code, combined into a universal document that blends principles for the correct action with a list of actions that are necessary or forbidden. An in-depth study of public policies and selling techniques that predominately influence the gap between the two countries will need to be made.

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