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Embracing Natural Beauty Essay

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General Psychology
Embracing Natural Beauty
Eating disorders has been a part of society for a great deal of time. Eating is a part of society because we eat when we are hungry, we eat when we see others eat, and we eat and share food to show we care. There are many contributors that lead to eating disorders. The media is one but, whether there are televisions, radios, or magazines some people will still find ways to consider themselves being not beautiful enough. People cannot handle the pressure of certain circumstances in life especially those from childhood, so they find other addictive ways to deal with the pressure. Even in adulthood factors such as abusive ...view middle of the document...

So they start with something that they feel is only temporary or harmless, that they can easily hide from others.
Some of the people with eating disorders start the habit at an adolescent age; a time period in life when they are still trying to identify with society as a whole. Part of developing a healthy self-identity, starts with proper nurturing, attention and support from those closest to you. When a youth hear more inspiring appraisal from family and receive proper attention, they tend to ignore or overcome pressure from others. Despite feeling confident, other factors such as parents paying money for dance or pageants may apply pressure to be perfect. Older adolescents develop eating disorder because they may already feel low self-esteem from issues in their childhood; they carry these problems into adulthood, then start careers or go to schools where self- image is vital.
When young boys and girls are younger and they have dreams about becoming dancers, models, pageant winners, or just entertainers they learn at an early age how important beauty really is to society. Parents spend countless amounts of time and funds dedicated to their child’s future dreams, and moreover some of these parents are living their failed dreams through their child. This situation adds stress to the child to be perfect, so that they will not let down their parents. Furthermore, some begin to lose confidence and start finding errors within themselves to be perfect. For females and sometimes males, weight becomes the issue that is attacked. For many females having an “ugly face”, is not an issue, but having an ugly or out of shape body is an issue. We are exposed to this problem all the time through magazines, television, radio, and even through video games; the men and women have great bodies. Some are shapely, some are curvy, most are thin, and some...

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