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Embedding Numeracy Essay

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My impression of this module is how constructive it has been to meet other professionals, from different learning organisations and all operating in the field of education. The opportunity to share experience, discuss and debate theories of teaching and learning amongst individuals from diverse backgrounds was enlightening.
This also introduced elements of reflecting and evaluating on personal and practical teaching experiences in a supportive environment.
Mitchell & Weber (1999) discuss the benefits of teachers studying their own practice and is seen by them as an undoubted catalyst for professional growth.

Indeed I have come to appreciate how beneficial the teaching observations have ...view middle of the document...

I have tended to dwell on the reflection stage, without moving on to the process of changing the outcome. I have always agreed with being reflexive in practice and now see the importance of evaluating the experience with the intent to improvement or development. I have further developed

The teachers approach and methods will determine how effective the learning is for the students. Teaching styles and approach’s can offer a perspective that can be modelled although it is not necessarily the case of adopting any given method and using it solely. To be flexible in styles offers teachers adaptability to create suitable environments and objective orientated learning, therefore meeting the needs of the students.

I feel I have developed the process of deep learning thus addressing the learning needs of my students and issues concerning organisational focus for service delivery. I now value and find it fundamental that students are fully engaged in learning and understand the complexity of issues, demonstrating their competence in reflective practice and areas of professionalism.
I agree with waltkin (1993) who gives insightful advice around promoting active and deep learning within the classroom:
‘If questions and comments are encouraged to flow naturally as the lesson develops, the results are greater participation by group members. The thing to bear in mind at all times is that, in general, students learn most when they are actively contributing to the lesson. (P 182

Jarvis P (1988) discusses the method of ‘Socratic Teaching’ where questioning is incorporated into the learning process. The teacher uses questions in a logical sequence to encourage students to demonstrate their knowledge and clarify learning for themselves. It places emphasis on techniques to elicit the best response from learners.
I have found that often students have the knowledge yet the process of defining it and ability to articulate this can be hard for learners to achieve. The realization that effective teaching further involves looking at levels of learning and establishing the quality of learning, through reflection and evaluation of my teaching I considered...

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