Ellis Island And Angel Island Essay

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Ellis Island and Angel Island
A. Step 1
1. In 1892, new arrivals were taken by ferry to the main building at Ellis Island.
2. The first immigrant to arrive was a 15-year-old girl from Ireland named Annie Moore who had joined her parents in New York City.
B. Step 2
1. Immigrants entered the main building through its ground floor baggage room.
2. They left their trunks, suitcases and baskets here until they were done with medical and legal examinations which would take place in the Great Hall.
C. Step 3
1. The first test the immigrants had to pass became known as the "six second medical exam."
2. Immigrants ...view middle of the document...

Inspectors rejected any immigrant with a criminal record or those suspected of being indentured servants.
4. By 1921, immigrants had to pass a literacy test and show a passport and visa.
G. step 7
1. In the money exchange area immigrants exchanged the money of their homeland for dollars, and purchased any train tickets they needed.
2. 1909, each immigrant was required to have at least $20 before they were allowed to enter America. 
H. Step 8
1. Staff members referred to this exit of Ellis Island as the kissing post because of all the emotional reunions that were witnessed there.
2. There, 2/3s of the new Americans then boarded a ferry to New Jersey and the remaining took the ferryboat to Manhattan only one mile away.
* In 1910, Angel Island Immigration Station opened in San Francisco Bay. Its main function was to process immigrants from China and other Asian countries. During its first 30 years of operation, Angel Island was the point of entry for about 175000 Chinese immigrants.
* Americans accused the Chinese of monopolizing jobs.

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