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Ellen Moore Essay

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Case Analysis 3

Ellen Moore

Jenna Gilson
Talal Khader
Britton Larson
Aubrey Morgan
MGT 400

1. Identify the problems that the focal company/person in the case face.
There is an unclear hierarchical reporting structure within the project team, making it impossible for  the project to continue and limits communication and knowledge transfer. The main problem that the Systems Consulting Group faces is that they need to complete their consulting project that they are behind schedule on, and need to choose a course of action quickly.

2. Identify underlying causes to the problem at hand
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Communication: Korean consultants seldom ask questions or express their thoughts toward an idea because in general, Koreans regard saying “no” as poor etiquette. This can make it difficult for Ellec to get Korean consultants’ true thoughts regarding the progress of the project. Communication between the two cultures is hindered by language differences in addition to Ellen’s reliance on a translator which clearly affects the power dynamic between her and her peers.

Human Resources: Jack has no experience with SI or consulting. Instead of asking questions, he assigns instructions. Also, both consulting teams lack the proper training necessary for preparing expatriates or employees at the MNC. Ellen is being sent to work overseas after she has been with the company for only three months and the Korean team has never been trained by their firm to work with foreigners. In addition, it seems as though senior management is rather ethnocentric. Each manager feels that their respective ways of doing business is superior to the others’ and neither is willing to compromise. Andrew thinks the problems arise from the inexperienced Koreans while Mr. Song argues that Ellen is the one with the problems.

3. Possible courses of action/solutions

a. Bring in some more experienced American consultants on the job to help finish it on time.

Pros: They have experience and would probably be willing to listen to Ellen more, however they could save Jack Kim’s “face” by letting him remain in the position he was given on the project. It would not really be putting the blame on anybody in particular on the SI project team. However, in the case it did say that Andrew would probably be the one held accountable for a tardy completion date.

Cons: It would be more costly to increase the staff on the engagement. It would also cause the 4 Korean consultants to feel like they failed.

b. Continue to let them go on and finish behind schedule

Pros: The inexperienced consultants, including Jack Kim would all learn from their mistakes on this project and hopefully be able to continue to work They would realize their own deficiencies in project management and would be more humble to learn from those that have experience.

Cons: The company would most likely lose the client’s business for future engagements and could even lose money for not completing...

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