Elements Of The Absurd And Contradictory Comparing Kenji Kawakami And Fiona Hall, Using The Four Frames As A Guide

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Yr 10ArtResearch AssignmentArtists now and in the past, have used elements of the absurd in their art making. These two different artists, Kenji Kawakami and Fiona Hall, are great examples of artists who use elements of the absurd in many, or all of their artworks.Japanese gadget guru and father of 'Chindogu' (a made up word meaning "strange tools" in Japanese), Kenji Kawakami, creates pieces that are completely absurd. Not only does the thought of a hay-fever hat(above), or a portable zebra crossing(below), a butter stick amuse me, but it also challenges and encourages my mind to think beyond the surface.Looking at Kawakami's work through the Subjective frame, my first impression is to ...view middle of the document...

Chindogu are not propaganda8. Chindogu are never taboo9. Chindogu cannot be patented10. Chindogu are without prejudiceConsidering Kawakami's work from the Structural Frame, we can see how every Chindogu are made from found objects. In fact, nearly every Chindogu is a combination of two unlikely objects. For example; the 'Butter Stick' (left), a wad of butter shoved into a glue stick; or the 'Cat slippers', slippers for your cat to wear to clean the house.Not only these two examples, but in every Chindogu, we can see everyday objects thrown in together to create a new, crazy invention that creates more trouble than its worth. But that's the spirit of Chindogu.Taking into consideration Chindogu from the Cultural frame, we can se how there is a social meaning behind every Chindogu. Kawakami raised an interesting point when he told London's The Independent last year, "I think my inventions show us how stupid the Japanese and Western World's obsession is with making life as easy as we can through new inventions." From this we can conceive that Kawakami's inventions make fun of the technological world and its passion on making everything easy and simple. One example is the 'Mopping Baby Suit'(above left). Obviously this was created to save the house cleaner a lot of time mopping the floorNow looking at Kawakami's inventions from the Post-modern Frame we can see how Chindogu represents freedom of thought and action. They challenge the suffocating historical dominance of conservative utility with the freedom to be useless. For example, the 'Car washing Line' is not a common spectacle and definitely challenges conservative art practices and traditional materials and the same goes for the 'Eye Drop Funnel' (right). These inventions challenge the norm and make the mind think about another way of life, the Chindogu way of life, where everything tool while solving one problem creates another.Another artist who uses elements of the absurd throughout her artworks is Fiona Hall. Hall's pieces are completely different to Kawakami's. Not only are her views towards the world and human life portrayed differently, but her style overall is much more delicate than Kawakami's.Looking at Hall's work from the Subjective Frame, my first impression is a strange one. Her works all have this weird, wacky touch to them and it creates a feeling that it isn't quite normal. The sculptures in 'Cell Culture' remind me of strange science-fiction characters in their detail and appearance, I really like Fiona Hall's work because it carries a lot of meaning and it challenges normal art-practices.In her artworks, Hall likes to use opposites, humanity and plant-life. We can see this in several of her artworks, for example, 'Leaf Litter', 'Cell Culture' and a piece called 'Nelumbo, nucisera, lotus, elum, thamarei' which is part of a series.Studying Hall's artworks from the Structural Frame, her pieces are aesthetically pleasing but I don't think they would appeal...

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