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Elements Of Religous Tradions Essay

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Nichole Wise, Mary Alarcon-Ramirez, Robert Redcay, Christina Villa-Chism
University of Phoenix
Introduction to Humanities: The Ancient World to Medieval Times
Shawmei Dee Hsieh
March 22, 2012

Carolingian Architecture

In the Carolingian period one of the most famous architectures is Aachen Cathedral also known as the Palatine Chapel and the Imperial Cathedral. The cathedrals unique design was highly influenced by German architecture and had a bit of a gothic flare to it. Symbolically the cathedral was saintly and had impressive historical meaningful value. Another symbolic meaning of the chapel was the mediation between God and common ...view middle of the document...

After the fall of Charlemagne the empire also fell because of the lack of a military order and legal or administrative system, which affected the culture of the empire, more importantly the deep-rooted religious architecture remained (Fiero, 1995).

Cologne Cathedral
Cologne is actually the largest city in the Rhineland region of Germany. The population is at least up to 1 million. Cologne is really known for their great Gothic Cathedral, which was one of the tallest buildings in the world. Broad bombing at the time of World War II really damaged pretty much all the buildings of the Old Town. Although the Cathedral was not as damaged the other churches have been restored. The St. Pantaleon is one of the oldest of the 12 Romanesque churches in Cologne. St. Pantaleon's Church was further renovated around 1150-1160, with the addition of the side aisles and decorative flooring. (Sacred Destination, 2005)
Forms and Techniques
The exterior of St. Pantaleon is thoroughly Romanesque, with a large Westwerk, which are monumental entrance hall common in imperial churches, two round west towers, decorative red-striped Lombard bands and round-headed windows. There is a corbel table along the nave exterior, but none of the corbels are carved. The Entrance is through the south door, which has a round arch but no decoration. (Sacred Destination, 2005) The interior consists of a central nave (10th century), side aisles (12th century), a Westwerk (10th century) with two chapels, two square transepts (10th century). and an east apse with crypt (10th century). The nave has a flat roof decorated with squares of modern murals. (Sacred Destination, 2005)
Lorsch Abbey

Lorsch Abbey used to be one of the most powerful centres of cultural and religious life -not only in Carolingian times but also a few centuries later. In 1991 Lorsch Abbey was admitted in the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Lorsch is the only place in Europe where an early medieval monastery still could be studied - no modern buildings were built in the area where the monastery stood; archeological examinations have taken place in the church area, but not in those parts of the ancient monastery where the monks and their servants lived and worked. (kloster-lorsch)

Lorsch Abbey is a model of the importance of the medieval monastery for European culture and scientist have the chance to continue scientific researches with modern methods. (kloster-lorsch)

Ottonian Art
The Ottonians brought back the Holy Roman Empire, Ottonian’s influenced growth and reform in the church and monasteries in which both generated some of finest Ottonian works of art. Some of the art included illuminated manuscripts, churches, monastic buildings, and luxurious objects that were intended for the interiors of the churches and treasuries (Sorabella, 2000).
Ivories as an example...

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