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Elements Of Religious Traditions Paper

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Tuesday March 25, 2013
REL/133 – World Religious Traditions I
Dr. Stephen Weisz
Elements of Religious Traditions Paper
Traditional saying of religion by a Webster Dictionary meaning will be a system of belief that involves worship of God or gods, prayer, ritual, and a moral code. Coming together to or to reunite with one another, which is like forming a culture group in the form of religion. The ritual beliefs are enacted and made through ceremonies, and a moral code is a way of teaching the "goodness" or "rightness."
Tradition, on the other hand, is an inherited religious practice or a social custom, which was, in the near or far past, introduced first by certain circumstances and then perpetuated by following generations. An urgent need to meet an exceptional event may linger long, a human experience over a length of time may turn into a custom, a social behavior in face of a particular event may continue, and a practice, born of ...view middle of the document...

In the ancient past, this attachment generally gave the tradition a religious hue, a hue that made it a part and parcel of religion (

Sacredness, a distinction, is made between the sacred and the ordinary; ceremonies often emphasize this distinction through the deliberate use of different language, clothing, and architecture. Certain objects, actions, people, and places may share in the sacredness or express it. Some religions emphasize that the sacred is distinct from the world and that order must be imposed by separating good from bad, true from false. In that view, to share in sacredness means separation for example, withdrawal from certain foods, places, people, practices, or beliefs. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are among the religions that have been generally exclusive, making it impossible to belong to more than one religion at the same time.
Religion studies are very time consuming and fairly straight to the point: many scholars have to read many types of religion scriptures, communicate with practitioners, research or even visit the sites of the sacred, and experience the major ceremonies of the religion the scholars are studying. Some religions did not have written down scriptures, so scholars have to research if the oral tradition is considered to be studied properly through numerous of questions such as: How should the oral traditions be studied? In the oral religions, are these artifacts and ritual words the equivalent of scriptures? Would we be able to understand the true meaning of the religious rituals and artifacts from the people who uses them?
Scholars whom work in religion studies have to depend on anthropological investigation in the field by learning the necessary languages and experience the ways people live their everyday lives by actually living with them. With these studies, there are also moral questions of culture domination a new form of colonialism and the use of respect.

Experiencing the World’s Religions. Tradition, Challenge, and Change Fifth Edition
ISBN: 9780073407500 Author: Michael Molloy , T. L. Hilgers
copyright © 2010 McGraw-Hill Company
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