Elements Of Credit Essay

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Elements of Credit
Dimitri Mendeleev was a Russian scientist, who came up with the periodic table. A periodic table is a table which arranges all the nature's 118 elements in an orderly manner ....till dinner time when the kids come and make a mess of it. That's just goes to show what the Russians are capable of, when they do not skull Vodka (i.e. between 3 AM and 3.30 AM on Wednesdays). When they do drink Vodka however, they produce some phenomenally boring movies for Doordarshan (e.g." Life cycle of the Siberian tapeworm”) and invade central Asian countries. I can imagine Stalin swigging a few and ordering his shivering Komissars "Let uz shoot mizziles at Uzbekistan" "Da........ but we ...view middle of the document...

Titanium - You can get access to a round the clock personal back scratching service by a concierge (who BTW has a Gold card of his own), a personal gold threaded underwear

Iridium - You can get a free replacement heart, lungs and some common sense to realize that 90% of the times you get offered things, which you will never need. Sometimes I wonder if the banks really are no different than these new fangled coffee shops or the so called wine bars, where snobbery is a sport and pretension is a skill. Ever since they started , by offering it by invitation (only to realize that it is not enough of a market) then later on steadily diluting the idea to such ridiculous extents that the whole exclusivity idea looks rather silly. In order to maintain a balance between that verdigris of exclusivity at the upper end and a mass market which is reality, they just keep on attaching new lifestyle elements (Pun intended) to have these exclusive credit cards. In Singapore on one hand you have these super duper Iridium cards and on the other hand the same company's bankers will thrust Gold credit cards in to your pockets with unsolicited alacrity, in what technically can be called as hit and run incidents. I am sure that the banks will say that they have their reasons which sounds the same as Gillette saying that it has it's reasons it will keep on coming up with twin bladed, 3 bladed, Quattro bladed razors etc until a point where razors are going to make your cheeks so smooth that after your next shave, when the mob of Playboy playmates try to plant juicy kisses on your cheek, they are going to lose their grip and fall over your shoulder to their deaths. In fact, Gillette has already lost theirs. At the rate at which more and more exclusivity is being stamped out by...

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