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Elektra Products, Inc Essay

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Electra Products, Inc. is 80-year old company that lost leadership in manufacture and retailing electrical products and supplies. The biggest company issue is innovation and very low morals of employees and managers. Condition in the company has to be radically changed. The leaders have to understand that in these days you have to be open into new technology, increase the efficiency of employees, control economic and political environment. Traditional way of running company will not keep organization as a leader anymore.
New CEO, Martin Griffin has to confront all companies problems. At the first meeting he had to confront employees disinterest and skepticism to the new idea. He tries to motivate employees with a fresh new approach. Empowerment and involvement were associated more as a problem for employees than new opportunity and chance to increase efficiency.
Barbara Russell was the only enthusiastic employee. She was excited about new idea, ...view middle of the document...

They need to be open to new ideas. They have to understand that they are company’s leaders and if they will not do the best for company, employees wouldn’t either. They are very loyal to the company but this is not enough. New technology, new products, fresh look on customer needs should be the most important for the managers to analyze and work on it. Leaders in Electra Products can get the empowerment process back on track, but only if they will believe that they can do it. Employees will follow them. Employees are ready for changes, ready for hard work and stabilization in the company.
Barbara Russell faced some company’s problems on the meeting. She knew that changes should be the top quantity for everyone. Unfortunately other company members are not so enthusiastic about it. Big issue here is very poor communication between departments. The people in Barbara’s team, while confident of their proposed changes, failed to look at critical issues to other departments because those issues were simply not important to the manufacturing department. Thus the project proposal her team presented appeared to discount the importance of the other departments and did nothing to nurture inter-departmental communication. Barbara’s could have reverted to them in a way that can be more acceptable to the departments. The top management team should discuss all departments concerns. It will show whole team where the biggest challenge is and it will save time and work to solve a problems.
Barbara should talk with Martin about poor communication and trust in the company. Martin could start empowering company once again, but this time he has to put more effort on rebuilding management skills.
Barbara really cares about company so leaving the company or staying passive is not a good idea. She already shows that she is a good manager and she can mobilize employees. With only one challenge she was able to build workers trust. She is a great example for company. She should support Martin in his new idea, new era of trust and cooperation. She knows company and employees. She can help Martin to find the best solutions. She can use her knowledge to start better communication in company. Barbara can start changes because she is not only a manager but a friend too.

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