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Electronic Voting Essay

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(As of February 2009)
Article 1
Members of the commission election
Section 1:
Three representatives from each division shall comprise the commission on election (article V- section 1.2 –S.A. constitution). A chairman, a vice chairman and a secretary shall be elected by the members of the committee. The commission on election may elect additional commissioners if necessary.
Section 2:
Utmost respect shall be given to all COMELEC commissioners and shall be addressed as “Honorable” preceding their surname.
Section 3:
A quorum shall comprise 50% of its commissioners.
Section 4:
The commission on election shall ...view middle of the document...

b) All candidates must be enrolled during the current semester in the undergraduate level of the academic program of the college.
c) All candidates must have of at least 3.00 as certified by the registrar’s office.
d) All candidates must not have any record of bad conduct in the student affairs office.
e) All candidates must pass the application form with complete signatures and stamps as required in the form at the specified date the COMELEC has provided.
f) All candidates must undergo a screening and interview under the COMELEC on which the candidates must prove how deserving he/she is for the position.
g) All candidates must satisfy the COMELEC with the answers to the questions.
h) All candidates must have a pleasing personality.
i) All candidates must be familiar with the election code and the student association constitution.
j) All candidates must be acquainted with the calendar of events of the COMELEC.
Section 2: requirements for the recognition of the political party:
a) Must submit a list of its candidates with the application forms completely signed and stamped as required in the application form.
b) Must submit in writing the party’s platform or program of government.
Section 3: Requirements for the recognition of independent candidate
a) Must pass the application form completely signed and stamped as required in the application form.
b) Must submit in writing its platform or program.

Article 3
Campaign Guidelines
Section 1:
Campaign period shall commence on the first week of February after the approval of the COMELEC on the candidates who passed the screening and interview; and end at 12:00 midnight before the Election Day
Section 2: Official Posting Area
a) Campaign posters may be posted at all official bulletin boards of the Adventist University of the Philippines.
b) Posting of campaign guidelines other than the designated posting areas shall be considered a serious violation and subject to the penalties as the COMELEC may impose.
c) Each political party or independent candidate shall be entitled to one poster at each posting area on “first come first serve” basis.
Section 3: Size of campaign materials.
a) Any campaign materials posted at designated bulletin boards shall not exceed the size of a regular cartolina in “first come first serve basis”.

Article 4
Penalties for violation
Section 1:
Commission article 3- section 1(election code) is considered a minor offense when committed for the first time; penal actions from warning and reprimand to confiscation of the campaign materials used in the commission of the offense shall be duly executed as the COMELEC may decide.
Section 2:
Repetition of offences covered in article 3 (election code) shall be considered a major offense, penal actions from prohibition of campaign of any type to disqualification of candidacy shall be duly executed as the COMELEC may decide
Section 3:
Commission of article 3- Section 2 (election code) is...

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