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Electronic Records Essay

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Electronic Medical Records
Michelle Peebles

Electronic Medical Records

With new and advancing technology on the horizon it is important that we as a company adjust to these changes that can potentially increase patient care and lower costs to patients and our company. With electronic methods of communication between doctors and healthcare officials this will make the exchange of patient information speedier and more accurate and reliable. Patients want better care and reduced costs without jeopardizing their confidentiality. However, between vendors limiting knowledge of the electronic systems and the wants of the patients it makes it complicated and unfortunately not as secure of the ...view middle of the document...

There are certain required knowledge and guidelines that need to be met at all times while in training. When all of the proper guidelines and requirements are met this will ensure that the patients information remains confidential as it should. There are also penalties and consequences that are done when these guidelines and requirements are not met and should be carried out at the full extent of the law if needed. With all of the laws and consequences in place and being met and managed we can ensure that there is no extra worry on the patient of their confidentiality or the company on following all procedures as required by our Human Resources department and the law. There will also be suggestions taken while in training on ways to implement the use and proper training of our new electronic document method. All future employees will be required to take and pass a training course upon hire so that they too have the understanding needed to effectively use these new systems.
This electronic system also allows health care to run quickly and cost effectively in keeping required...

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