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Electronic Medical Records Essay

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Electronic Medical Records
Technology is advancing every year. One way that technology is advancing in health care organizations is the use of electronic medical records. Electronic medical records (EMR) are a digital way of recording a patient’s medical history. EMR’s are a more convenient way to save a patient’s medical history rather than using paper based medical records. More physicians and hospitals are now using electronic medical records. “The availability and utility of electronic medical record (EMR) systems provide a new basis for competition among physician groups and hospitals as well as an opportunity for early adopters to get a competitive jump on their rivals” (Moseley, ...view middle of the document...

With electronic medical records, physicians can also send a patient’s prescriptions to their pharmacy so the patient does not have to wait to get it filled.
Accreditation, Quality of Healthcare and Organizational Compliance
Every patient wants to go to a health care organization that is accredited. “The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) evaluates and accredits over 18,000 organizations and programs” (Escott-Stump, Krauss & Robinson, 2000, para. 1). When a health care organization is accredited it can benefit them in many ways.
“Health care organizations seek JCAHO accreditation because it assists in improving quality of care, may be needed for Medicare certification, enhances community confidence, provides a staff education tool, enhances medical staff requirements, may fulfill state requirements, may favorably influence liability insurance premiums, and enhances access to managed care contracts” (Escott-Stump, Krauss & Robinson, 2000, para. 1).
In order for a health care organization to continue with their accreditation, they must allow the Joint Commission to come every three years for an onsite survey.
Receiving good quality care in health care is important to all patients. “Racial and ethnic minorities in the United States are disproportionately affected by poor quality of health care” (Sorkin, Ngo-metzger & De Alba, 2010, para. 1). The percentage of patients being satisfied with the quality of health for patients of different racial disparities is lower than of non-Hispanic whites. “Understanding the mediators of such racial/ethnic differences in patient reports of quality is important as it may lead to solutions to address disparities in clinical quality and outcomes” (Sorkin, Ngo-metzger & De Alba, 2010, para. 2). It is important to have patient surveys to know the number of patients that are satisfied with the quality of care especially those of racial disparities so there can be improvements to increase the number of satisfied patients.
Organizational compliance is when the organization identifies wrongful behavior and responds in an appropriate matter. Most organizations set policies for the employees to avoid wrongful behavior. They have programs to teach their employees how to act in the workplace.
Access to health care
The access to health care is a huge complication when it comes to the uninsured and those in poverty or close to poverty. With the economy being bad, people are losing their jobs and their medical insurance. More people these days do not have medical insurance or have really high deductibles and cannot afford their medical bills. “Poverty and health have a two-way relationship. Poverty increases the vulnerability of people to disease; and sickness affects their income leading to poverty” (Majra & Gur, 2009, para. 1). For some people, it is hard for them to get care even when they have insurance because their insurance company might...

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