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Electronic Materials Introduction To Semiconductor Devices

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Lecture 1

Introduction to Semiconductor Devices

Reading: Notes and Anderson2 Chapters 1.1-1.3, 1.7-1.9

Georgia Tech

ECE 3080 - Dr. Alan Doolittle

Atoms to Operational Amplifiers
•The goal of this course is to teach the fundamentals of non-linear circuit elements including diodes, LEDs, LASER diodes, transistors (BJT and FET) , and advanced device concepts such as microwave compound semiconductors and state of the art devices. •Due to the diverse coverage from various professors for ECE3040, you will repeat (for some) some of the material from 3040. Specifically, you will learn about the fundamentals of electron movement in semiconductor materials and develop this basic ...view middle of the document...

Georgia Tech ECE 3080 - Dr. Alan Doolittle

Famous Last Words: “I only want to design computers. I do not need to know about ‘atoms and electrons’ ”. --- A Doomed Computer Engineer
Intel Develops World's Smallest, Fastest CMOS Transistor SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 11, 2000 - Intel Corporation researchers have achieved a significant breakthrough by building the world's smallest and fastest CMOS transistor. This breakthrough will allow Intel within the next five to 10 years to build microprocessors containing more than 400 million transistors, running at 10 gigahertz (10 billion cycles per second) and operating at less than one volt. The transistors feature structures just 30 nanometers in size and three atomic layers thick. (Note: A nanometer is onebillionth of a meter). Smaller transistors are faster, and fast transistors are the key building block for fast microprocessors, the brains of computers and countless other smart devices. These new transistors, which act like switches controlling the flow of electrons inside a microchip, could complete 400 million calculations in the blink an eye or finish two million calculations in the time it takes a speeding bullet to travel one inch. Scientists expect such powerful microprocessors to allow applications popular in science-fiction stories -- such as instantaneous, real-time voice translation -- to become an everyday reality. Researchers from Intel Labs are disclosing the details of this advance today in San Francisco at the International Electron Devices Meeting, the premier technical conference for semiconductor engineers and scientists. "This breakthrough will allow Intel to continue increasing the performance and reducing the cost of microprocessors well into the future," said Dr. Sunlin Chou, vice president and general manager of Intel's Technology and Manufacturing Group. "As our researchers venture into uncharted areas beyond the previously expected limits of silicon scaling, they find Moore's Law still intact." Intel researchers were able to build these ultra-small transistors by aggressively reducing all of their dimensions. The gate oxides used to build these transistors are just three atomic layers thick. More than 100,000 of these gates would need to be stacked to achieve the thickness of a sheet of paper. Also significant is that these experimental transistors, while featuring capabilities that are generations beyond the most advanced technologies used in manufacturing today, were built using the same physical structure as in today's computer chips. "Many experts thought it would be impossible to build CMOS transistors this small because of electrical leakage problems," noted Dr. Gerald Marcyk, director of Intel's Components Research Lab, Technology and Manufacturing Group. "Our research proves that these smaller transistors behave in the same way as today's devices and shows there are no fundamental barriers to producing these devices in high volume in the future. The most important...

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