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Electronic Devices And Patient Privacy Essay

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Electronic Devices and Patient Privacy
Confidentiality is defined as a promise that limits access to certain information. With the increase use of technology it is believed that confidential information is at greater risk of being shared with the world. In recent news there have been many cases of people personal photos and information being leaked to the public. With the healthcare industry following in the footsteps of so many others and now going to electronic file databases the threat of patient’s personal information being leaked is upon us. Therefore it is imperative that proper precautions are taken to ensure the security and safety of information that is shares ...view middle of the document...

According to Mobile Device Privacy and Security, there are major steps that must be followed to protect the privacy of patients. First, using a password or some other form of authentication to verify identity of the person using the device, encryption is also needed to protect stored information on the device and when sending information to another person. Before downloading any apps to your device do your research make sure the app is not accessing any of the patient private information, avoid using any file sharing programs as this could potentially put medical records at risk of being accessed. Another important step is to have firewalls set up and security software to stop hackers from accessing patients’ private information. When traveling always be aware of your electronic devices, as they are portable and small they are easily stolen so be aware of your surroundings and maintain physical control of your devices.
The ethical and legal issues reported for the administrative issue
The legal issues reported are HIPAA violations that could occur. The U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 was passed to protect the rights and privacy of healthcare patients in the United States. In light of the increased use of the internet for communications and electronic transactions, the HIPAA final security rule is intended to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of Personal Health Information (PHI) shared electronically (Thomas 2007). The HIPAA Security rule allows healthcare workers to communicate electronically with their patients as long as certain protocols are in place. “Importantly for healthcare professionals and their employers, the Security Rule “requires appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of electronic protected health information” (Barrett, 2011). The ethical issue that arises in the article is the use of personal electronic devices by physicians instead of the employer issued devices that have the authentication and encryption requirements. This may not be an obvious ethical issues but this simple oversight or form of negligence could violate the HIPAA laws set in place to protect private information.
The managerial responsibilities related to administrative ethical issues.
The article explains the...

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