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Electronic Communication Essay

1882 words - 8 pages

Electronic Communication Changed Human Life
Surya Prakash Gutha Madhusudhanan
Rahul Manthapuram
Jessika Basnet KC

Course: ESL writing
Professor: Margaret Anne Shaw
DATE: May 9th, 2015

Electronic communication had revised a lot from last decade, which is helping individual to do work in easy and comfortable manner to complete their task in time and they can also send huge data for person to person within seconds from any point of the world is also time saving and helping to get instant communication and saving time by clear conversation through emails other than phone conversation, this is possible because of maintaining ample coverage in all over the world, there is ...view middle of the document...

In contrast to that today with the help of electronic communication, we have multiple source to communicate instantly and works can be finished according to requirements of client specifically mentioned in e-mails, these are good in storage and data capacities are able manage through server. Electronic mails and video calls are playing major role in employment sector and in business sector to communicate quickly, effectively and cheap.
We can also maintain email in different accounts like Microsoft outlook helps to work online with other software also; Gmail helps to maintain PDF files and contacts storage. According to L.J. Bradley (E-mail communication: Issues for Mental Health Counselors), communication is playing major role in present generation, email is cheap and liable source to everyone and from the beginning year of 1971 it is more effective, speed and less costly and effective for business persons.” In an era of increasing need for communication-mail has emerged as an inexpensive means of communication. From its beginning in 1971 it was described as a fast, effective, and economical means of communication, especially for the business world.” (2011, p.67), electronic communication is the better way to communicate than conversations in phone or short messages. However, the electronic communication is different from face to face conversation if client send email to an employee regarding his work it makes both to understand clearly what to do in his work. He can also check twice or thrice of mistakes involved in the work, if there is a direct conversation with client, there is a chance of hesitation to ask doubt in between work and there will be chance of communication gap and work delay, to make, emails are better way to communicate effectively.
Direct conversation might be chances of data redundancy related to work, which should be confidential the advantage of electronic communication there is good safety for information because there will be unique user id and passwords which helps to maintain information private. With the help of developed electronic communication, we have chance to do work from any place and we can submit our reports to our clients on time. In the past everything was done by hand and should submit the work in hand on time if there is unexpected delay occurs during the work submitting causes negative impression on employee and make loss to boss in profits and to employee in his job, similarly classes in the university also completely face to face made some stuff for executive masters for working employees but, now which we have better option to submit work online by completing them quickly with the help of electronic communication from home also which is having less risk than previous era and we can also take online courses now in universities and we can finish our graduation online with the help of improved electronic communication, which is hybrid courses is good source of education to the students who wants to...

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