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Electronic Commerce Essay

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Networking can be a huge help in getting new sales, keeping in touch with current customers, and learning important information about the market your business is in.
Identifying the reason for Betty to network: She needs to build new relationships with buyers on the eBay auction site. When selling on eBay you get rated and buyers look at those reviews to make sure they can trust you as a seller. She can spend her time networking to focus on finding new customers, and contacts or possibly developing internal relationships if she needs employees.
Identifying the type of buyers to network with: Online Betty can choose different categories to list her figurines under and she will need to make sure and choose the right one to get the right ...view middle of the document...

There are so many different reasons for Betty to social network. She can purchase advertising, post offers and promotions on her figurines (sales on items to sell quickly before tourist come back and want new items in the store) and she can post any information regarding the product. Betty can answer and give feedback to anyone interested in her items and then she can monitor communications among her customers.
Blogs would be wonderful for Betty’s online selling and even her in store shoppers can get on and discuss different things and give opinions. She can also have her current regular in store customers that are tourist, keeping in touch with her and her new items that will be available when they return. On her blog she can encourage customers to submit new ideas for the type of figurines they would like and be interested in purchasing.
Location-aware mobile social networks would be a good idea for Betty’s business if she wanted to list information on new retail locations, or give specific promotions at certain stores. She could encourage customers to contribute tips and give comments regarding specific location opportunities. (Schneider, G.)
There are a number of opportunities Betty would come across to build, expand, and succeed in with the help of social networking strategies. In this day and age I think it is very important to do as much as possible online business as you can. This is a great way of reaching the most people at one time!

Schneider, G.(2015). Electronic Commerce. 11Th Edition. Cengage Learning. Pg 278.

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