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Electronic Business Security Essay

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Karin Bean18, 2004E-Business Security CompanyAs an E-Business Security Company, RSA Security, which has its headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts, provides inter-operational solutions for companies to enable secure online network connections and flawless integration with complex platforms. RSA is currently serving 13,000 customers around the globe and its strong reputation is built on its history of inventiveness and leadership as well as proven technology and longstanding relationships with more than 1,000 technology partners.RSAs new Identity and Access Management System help organizations to build trusted e-business processes.The system includes the following common set of services:1. RSA SecurID®- two-factor authenticationThis system is designed to ensure that only authorized users are granted access to networked resources. The RSA ...view middle of the document...

4. RSA Keon®- digital certificates.This system is composed of interoperable software modules for managing digital certificates and creating an environment for authenticating people, devices and transactions. It offers specialized solutions including SSL Web Server Security, Secure VPN, Secure e-mail, and digital signatures. RSA Keon software is designed to be easy to use and interoperable with other standards-based solutions.5. RSA e-SignRSA e-Sign is a digital signature solution that is designed to close the electronic transaction loop, enabling organizations to gain speed and efficiencies in their business processes. Engineered for ease of use, RSA e-Sign solution works via a simple downloadable applet that enables users to digitally sign and encrypt any form of Web-delivered data within their Web browser. With RSA e-Sign software, organizations can replace paper-based forms and extend their e-business services to include activities requiring signatures, while maintaining the authenticity, integrity, and privacy of the data being exchanged.Besides the web security services, RSA security also offers an e security project plan which follows all the steps need to create a safe e-business. From planning, designing, building, and integrating to the full implementation of the service companies are able to get all the assistance they need.A potential competitor could be IBM which offers security services as well as support for planning and implementing e-security. IBM offers Tivoli Privacy Manager Systems for e-businesses which also include integrated identity management solution. Besides those services, IBM offers hardware, which I did not see on RSAs website. Both companies offer also security systems for internal business, offer firewall protection, and state of the art security tolls, techniques and applications.REFERENCE November 18, 2004 November 18, 2004

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