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Electric Motors Essay

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Discover the leader in advanced electric motor technologies Remy Electric Motors

A New Breed of High Performance Technology
A century of experience and innovation has spawned an electric motor with unbridled power density and torque. Innovative HVHTM technology has revolutionized the market. It provides customers with a high-performance motor in a small package that is easily integrated into nearly all hybrid and electric applications. The Remy HVH has proven to be a versatile and reliable workhorse. With over 1 billion miles of proven reliability and powering applications ranging from sports utility vehicles and trucks to large transit buses, this beast has shown it can’t be tamed. Take a ...view middle of the document...

Superior Cooling Operating temperatures are lower and more easily controlled due to the hairpin design and liquid and oil cooling options. The HVH thermal performance enables system and vehicle builders to save on secondary cooling loops without sacrificing performance. Standardization Lowers Costs Our scalable dual-platform offers a full portfolio of products that support both light duty and heavy duty markets. Our standardized motors simplify the design process for vehicle manufacturers while reducing up-front costs and enhancing performance and reliability. Our engineers and design specialists will work with you to choose the architecture that’s right for your custom specifications.

Available Today Around the World
Remy can manufacture over 100,000 electric motors per year. We have more traction motors on the road than any other independent motor supplier in the world. Our worldwide network of engineering and design capabilities, manufacturing facilities, distribution and supply chain partners enables us to serve clients in every corner of the globe with unsurpassed capacity, flexibility and...

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