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Electric Generator; Wooden Generator Essay

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Electric Generator Wooden Generator
Material: Following are the material that you need in order to construct a wooden electric generator. Wood dowel 3/8" diameter Wood Dowel 1" diameter. Rod magnet 3" long Insulated copper wire 1.2 Volt Screw Base light Bulb Base for the light bulb Small sand paper Wood Glue 1/2 Square foot Balsa wood (1/8" diameter) Preparation: If you are buying a kit, all the wooden parts are included and they are already cut to the size. So you just need to connect them. If you don't have a kit, prepare the wooden parts as follows: Cut two square pieces from the balsa wood (3.5" x 3.5"). Make a 3/8" ...view middle of the document...

Remove the insulation from the ends of the wire and connect it to the screws of the bulb holder or base. Insert the light bulb Spin the wood dowel fast to get the light. Wooden Electric Generator Wooden electric generator is an educational model made by students as a part of their science project or technology project. It really works! When constructed properly, this wooden generator can light up any low voltage/ low current lamp while the rotor is spinning fast. For a quick demonstration you can turn the rotor by a snap of your middle finger and thumb to show the lamp flickers. Like any other electric generators, wooden generator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy; so, it does not create any electricity while the rotor is not spinning. It is safe! The amount of electricity produced by this model of electrical generator is safe for children. The produced voltage is often equal to a regular flashlight battery. What if my wooden generator does not work? As any other educational activity you may do a mistake and make a model that does not work. See the instructions and see what are the common mistakes. We also provide a free inspection service for your completed model. If it is not working, you can mail it to MiniScience for free inspection and report. We will inspect your model and let you know what was your mistake or why it does not work by phone or via email. If you want us to return your model after inspection, please include a $10 money order and your return address in the package. Try it as a Science Project You may try the wooden generator project as your science project. A wooden generator can be a successful project in any science fair. Two of the questions you can use for the purpose of your project are: How does the speed of turning rotor affect the production of electricity (Voltage)? How does the number of wire loops in the coil affect the production of electricity (Voltage)? In both cases you will also need a multimeter to measure the output voltage of your generator. To test your generator with different speeds of rotor, you may use a multi-speed drill (Table top drill or portable corded drill). If you want to do this as an experimental project, following are some suggested questions: How does the speed of turning affect the production of electricity? How does the diameter of coil affect the production of electricity? How does the number of loops of wire in the coil affect the production of electricity? How does the wire gage (diameter of coil-wire) affect the electric current? How do the material used in the construction of an electric generator affect the production of electricity? Hypothesis: Depending on the question that you select, you may predict an answer. That is called your hypothesis. Dependent and Independent Variables The factor that you are testing is your independent variable. For example the speed of...

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