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Electoral College Essay

929 words - 4 pages

Asia Ray
Instructor: Kathleen Sedille

The structure and function of the electoral college consist of a process that was
establish in the U.S Constitution by congress and electors, in which they the people would decide
on voting for the President and Vice president of the United States of America. Within the
qualification of voting, each presidential candidate running to become the next president of the
United States of America, must have their very own electors of the state that they reside in. The
future president of the United States, must make a selection of electors, from the political party
in their state. In some states laws and restrictions, may ...view middle of the document...

The Electoral College operates on a system that consist of voters from each state,
selecting a future presidential candidate, vice president or president, and determining how many
votes each candidate received, from their states, including qualifications that further them along
as being a presidential candidate. In order for one to be consider Vice preside or president of the
United States of America, one must have an electoral majority vote of at least 270, electoral
votes. The Electoral votes, it was determining who will be the next President or Vice president of
the United States of America. All votes all tallied up from each candidate’s state as a whole, and
the candidate with the majority of voters, is the candidate who would generally win for their
state. If either one of the presidential candidate’s win, President or Vice president, then the
majority of the electoral votes between the Presidential candidate and the Vice President
candidate, must be decided in the United States, House of Representatives. It is not uncommon,
for the United States, House of Representatives to select a Presidential or Vice Presidential
candidate. In the early 1800’s, the United States House of Representatives, selected the
presidential and vice presidential candidate twice, with the majority of votes selected by each
candidate state, by the united states senate. In finalizing the process of one becoming a future
presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates, is allowing and having the United States
of congress to count and tallied up each electoral vote, and passed along side to the united states
house of representatives, which then come together in one meeting place, which then go over
the rules and qualifications for each state and future presidential candidates.

In the society in which we live in today, there is a political system filled with much chaos and
debate. Politics are not...

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